Join Us Saturday Night In Miami, 6PM


This week I was working on getting some TV coverage for Enrique Flores-Galbis, a Cuban born landscape and portrait painter. His work, “Dreaming of Havana,” is on display at the Williams McCall Gallery in South Beach, FL. The invitation to the opening is posted above. Born in Havana, he left in 1961 with Operation Pedro Pan, arriving alone in South Florida at the age of 9. Also a novelist, his award-winning book, 90 Miles to Havana, was based on the events that led to his departure and the life he encountered in the U.S.

NBC 6 Miami, the local affiliate, jumped at the chance to tell the story.

Click here for the segment. If the NBC app pops up. Just press “No Thanks” and then the TV appearance appears.


“This ongoing series of paintings began before the first return to my birthplace, my magnetic center, the island of Cuba. The first images, painted from memories, were tinged by the emotions and longings this landscape evokes in the heart of an exile. After that first visit I started painting urban themes where the collision of memory and fact is palpable. The bare buildings of Havana, bitten by the salt and wind have the look of paper-thin, brittle honeycombs. The clanging approach of an old Ford retrofit with a sputtering Fiat engine is an unsettling metaphor for the intersection of nostalgia, history and cold fact.”

Flores-Galbis received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Parsons School of Design in 1992. He has served on the Faculty of the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts for over twenty years and Parsons School of Design for over sixteen years as well as the Morris and Montclair Museums in New Jersey. Flores-Galbis’ work can be found in corporate, university, and private collections throughout the country.


The Williams McCall Gallery is the first fine art gallery located in the South of Fifth neighborhood in South Beach and has become a “must visit” destination for art lovers and collectors. The gallery holds one of approximately 30 licenses issued by the U.S. Treasury Department to import artworks from Cuba.

The gallery represents a diverse roster of local and international artists creating contemporary paintings, works on paper, fine art photography, encaustic collage and sculpture. There is a unique mix of emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Several of the artists have a strong Provincetown, Massachusetts connection – the oldest, largest, and continuous art colony in America.

The gallery was voted the Best New Gallery 2013 by the Miami Sun Post newspaper. It was also a 2013 Finalist for Best Art Gallery by the Miami New Times newspaper.

Seniors Reconsider Nighttime Driving With Glow-In-The-Dark Roads

I couldn’t have been happier when I heard the news that Dutch engineers and designers were developing a way to light up dark highways when the sun goes down. Even as a teenager, I remember having a hard time seeing the road at night. I often wondered to myself, “Am I the only one who feels this way?”

As I got older, more and more of my friends started complaining that they just didn’t feel comfortable driving at night. I even get crazy sitting next to Eliot when he drives. He claims he has no problem driving, but I am holding on for dear life because I can’t see a thing.

Apparently, I’m not alone. For the last several years, the Netherlands has been testing a new glow-in-the-dark pavement that shines at night. That is achieved by a solar-powered photo-luminescent powder that is incorporated into the road paint. This type of paint can also allow for road markings which can indicate slippery roads and traffic up a head.

I’m not sure when the Netherlands will make a formal announcement. I do know however that there is great interest from the U.S Transportation Department to bring the technology to the United States.

I will be first in line to try it out. The video explains it all

One Day Google Glass Sale Proves The General Consumer Is Interested

Before I go any further, I want you to know that I have included a video that shows you what Google Glass is all about. A Tech Crunch reporter actually provided a first-hand demonstration of how it works. Spend a few minutes watching it before you shell out $1,500 to be the coolest senior in your neighborhood.

So the results are in. I told you about the one day sale a few days ago. Apparently, the public favored the white version of Google Glass. That one sold out within a few hours. Other colors were still available when the sale ended.

Congratulations to everyone who bought a pair of Google Glasses. You are true pioneers. Let us know who you are and what you think.

The Future Of YouTube


Susan Wojcicki
YouTube, CEO

Happy Passover

I read the most interesting story about YouTube today and wanted to share it with you. Simply click here to get all of the details.

YouTube is really an amazing resource. Everything and anything you could possibly want to learn about is on it. All you have to do is search the topic and extensive videos with the utmost explanation pop up. The ones with the most views are listed first.

That is just the beginning of what this format is all about. Susan Wojcicki, the new CEO of YouTube, has every intention of turning the video channel into a major platform for education and entertainment.

By the way, Wojcicki has quite the history herself. She is considered one of the most important people in advertising by the marketing industry. Her real claim to fame is that she was the one who provided the office space in her garage in Menlo Park, CA, so that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin could start their business. Her sister, Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe, is married to Sergey Brin. She is married to Google executive Dennis Troper and they have four children.

Wojcicki’s mission over the next few years is to make the original programming on YouTube as famous as some of our favorite TV shows. She hopes to turn the talent on these programs into into major household names.

This is going to be a fascinating journey and a great opportunity for all of us to watch the beginning of a whole new avenue in entertainment and education emerge. Stay tuned.

To Google, Or Not To Google



The Good News: Google will be selling Google Glasses for one day only on Tuesday, April 15th at 6am West Coast time. If you have an extra $1,500, and you want to be among the first to own glasses with a built-in computer, then prepare to move fast. There is a limited supply. Make sure you don’t lose this link.

The Bad News: A number of people in and around Silicon Valley are reportedly being assaulted when wearing Google Classes. E Kyle Russell, a journalist with Business Insider, was one of the recent victims who had his Google Classes ripped from his face in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Several weeks ago I wrote about the social tensions in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Companies like Google, Apple, and Yahoo, who pay many of their employees six figure numbers, are gentrifying the areas. The cost of houses, rents, food, transportation, and clothes have all jumped dramatically to accommodate those with money. The gap between the haves and have nots , is getting worse and worse.

Everyday there are demonstrations, marches, confrontations, and town meetings to resolve the situation. There is no quick answer to this situation, so be careful what you wear.

If you think I’m exaggerating, be sure to Google “Google.” You’ll see many stories on this topic.

Thank You Juan Carlos



I always wanted to be Charles Schultz, the creator of Peanuts. Only one problem. I can’t draw. That is no longer an issue. My friend Juan Carlos Zapata introduced me to Bitstrips, an app that lets you design cartoon versions of you and your friends. You can share these cartoons on all social marketing platforms and emails.

You get to choose from 2,000 customizable scenes. New ones are added daily. Once you join in, you will be amazed how many people you know are already members. You get to use their avatars in your cartoons as well.

Enjoy your senior years as a cartoonist.






Future Automobiles May Give You X-Ray Vision

Seeing through things may be one of the hottest new technology features for 2015.

After I wrote my blog post yesterday about Apple developing a transparent text messaging feature, I received a call from the PR department of Land Rover telling me about their new hood that does the same thing.

I have to admit, I was a little confused at first because I didn’t quite understand what the guy was saying. “We have a disappearing bonnet.” After several embarrassing attempts to catch on to his lingo, he explained that bonnet was the English term for a car’s hood. Ha ha, the joke was on me. Then I saw the video that demonstrated what he was talking about. A big wow. See above.

Land Rover is still in the experiment stage but the reaction has been very positive. They are placing cameras under the bonnet then projecting a live video feed on the windshield. That creates what seems like a transparent bonnet. The technology lets you see the road under the front of the car as you are driving.

The entire concept will be demonstrated at the New York International Auto Show this month. If Americans like the idea of seeing more of the road (I do), expect other auto makers to license the idea.

Transparent Text Messaging


Photo by

Before anyone introduces transparent text messaging, I would like to see a study that says it’s safe, especially for those of us who are getting on in years. The idea of people crossing a street thinking that it’s okay to text at the same time because they can partially see what’s in front of them, is insane. If your two eyes are not focused on exactly what’s in front of you, then you’re a danger to both you and me.

I am not sure what Apple is thinking but industry sources recently revealed that the company filed a patent to introduce a transparent text message feature for either the iPhone 6 or a future update to iOS 7.

PC Advisor is one of a few publications that covered this new development. As far as they know, Apple will have a live feed feature of whatever the rear camera is focused on and captures. That supposedly should be enough so people can walk and text or even drive and text.

The transparency is viewed on your screen. You can see what’s in front of you on the screen behind the text so that it is almost like seeing through your mobile phone. You will be able to read and respond to your messages.

What a horrible thought. The entire concept, in my opinion, is irrational and impractical. You just can’t do both at once.

You Can Never Be Too Thin




I can’t wait to see the stats that I’m going to get on this post. I get the feeling it is going to a whopper. It’s one of those “You have to see this!”

That’s how I found out about the SkinneePix app. My girlfriend Susie posted several Selfie picture on Facebook. I almost didn’t recognize her. She looked super thin. My comment below her photo made her fess up right away. “Wow, how much weight did you lose?”

She quickly answered me because we were seeing each other for lunch the next day and she didn’t want any embarrassing moments. “I doctored the photo with SkinneePix.”

I immediately checked out the app and learned that if you take a Selfie with it, you can take five, 10 or 15 pounds off of your photo.. SkinneePix costs 99 cents and uses an algorithm to make you appear lighter.

Go ahead, have that extra piece of cake. No one will ever know.

Getting A Full Charge In 30 Seconds

I knew I was on top of a hot story when three different sources emailed me several days in a row about a new battery and charging combo that can fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S4 in 30 seconds. StoreDot, a start-up from Tel Aviv, plans to introduce the battery and charger combo in 2015. Hopefully, the iPhone version will be ready at that time as well.

Personally I couldn’t be happier about the news. I don’t walk out of my apartment without my battery charger backups. My friend Steve gave me one when I became envious of his. He had a spare for me, My cousin Beth gave me a second charger when I admired how thin her unit was. She also had an extra.

I truly consider myself fortunate to leave my home for the day knowing that I can use my cell as much as I want to. I always hated looking for an electrical socket so I could recharge. Now I have a big smile on my face thinking that a year from now it will only take 30 seconds to be back in business.

For a full explanation about the technology StoreDot is bringing to market click here.

Be sure to watch the video above for a demonstration of the battery and charger combo.

Here’s to a fully charged life!