No More Bath Towels



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You heard it here first. It is very possible that a year from now you will not be using a towel to dry yourself off after a shower and/or bath. Instead, you will be stepping on a bathroom-type scale that will blow dry you like Marilyn Monroe experienced in her famous photo that will live on forever.

I can’t wait. Unlike my pals who live with their own personal washers and dryers, I only change my towels once-a-week when we do the laundry across the street. Apparently, the inventors of the “Body Dryer” were apartment dwellers too. We have all had too many damp towels. The inventors are also cognizant of bacteria growing on towels and what impact that could possibly on you after multiple uses.

The device will supposedly dry you off in 30 seconds or less using “ionized air” that you can switch from cold to hot. You get to control the temperature.

A fundraising effort to bring this product to market is currently underway on Indiegogo, a Crowdfunding platform. The Body Dryer will retail for $250. Contributors to the fund will be able to buy it for $150.

Cupcake ATM



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I met some friends today for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien on 64th Street and Lexington Avenue, NYC. After breakfast I decided to take a stroll down Lexington Avenue to Bloomingdale’s. By the time I got to 61st. and Lex, I saw a line of people across the street waiting to use a machine in a store-front window marked Cupcake ATM.

I thought the whole scene seemed a little unusual so I marched myself across Lex to take a closer look. My payoff was a big chuckle and the content for this blog post. The new Sprinkles Cupcakes added an automated feature that apparently was a crowd pleaser. The cupcake store now has a 24-hour digital dispensing machine inserted in a window that offers red velvet, peanut buttercup, lemon meringue. and Cuban coffee cupcakes at $4.25 each. Sprinkles Cupcakes is headquartered in Beverly Hills.

I found it amusing that a digital cupcake concept was such a big hit on the upper East Side of Manhattan where everyone is supposed to be so weight conscious. I asked a few local friends what they thought about this neighborhood addition.

Guess what? They were all customers. Apparently, eating a cupcake outside of a store window is just like picking food off of someone else’s plate. The calories don’t count.

When I got home today, I discovered that the Wall Street Journal did a video story on Cupcake ATM. Click here to start salivating.

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Bye Bye To A Famous Retailer



Rachelle and Joe Friedman

I feel like I’m living in a state of disbelief. It is possible that a store that was once considered the most popular retailers in New York City because it sold the most exciting tech products available, is closing because no one wants to go to it anymore? I never thought the day would come that J&R Music World would be extinct.

Located on Park Row, across the street from City Hall, J&R was founded by Joe and Rachelle Friedman in 1971 after arriving here from Israel.

This was their American dream. The Friedman’s turned the location into a top tourist attraction, a place where hot recording artists released their albums and a destination for their music concerts in the park right across the street from them.

It’s hard to believe that people would prefer to shop online rather than to go to J&R to schmooze with other techies. I can’t get it in my head that J&R, as a bricks and mortar retailer, is no more. At least for now, their online and catalog sales will continue,

One Park Row lived on for 40-plus years. It was home to everyone in the business. Now it’s going to be yet another apartment building. Boohoo!

The Never Ending List

I am a list addict. I love making “To Do” lists. My lists have lists. I can spend hours going through my notes to create daily and weekly lists. Even though I’m the DigiDame, my lists are usually created on paper. Then I take a photo of my lists and digitally file them. I also use Evernote and my iPhone calendar for further list organization.

Then there are times when I have to write down random ideas so I can add them to my lists. In the past, I have used napkins, sugar packets, business cards, or anything that has a spot to write something down.

I must not be alone. Many people our age claim if they don’t write something down, it will never get done. It just slips their mind. A number of creative manufacturers have developed a host of products that allow us to write something down no matter where we are.

Here are three options:

1-AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad for Shower

2-Temporary To-Do Tattoo

3-Post A Note Pen>




I Don’t Know Why It’s Called Situ But It’s Good For You


Smart scale weighs food and counts calories. It will also tell you nutritional value.

This is the scale you have been always looking for. It’s a smart scale that calculates the nutritional value of the food you’re about to eat. A companion app lets you keep track of calories, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Place an item on the scale, connect your iPad over Bluetooth and tell the companion app what the food is. Situ will tell you everything you need to know about what’s inside. Engadget, a tech site, was one of the first to write about it.

There are no more excuses for not living a healthier life. Consider the scale called Situ a life coach. It was developed by an ex Apple employee who lost 100 pounds. He needs your help to bring Situ to market. It is currently on Kickstarter. Click here to read all about it. Don’t miss the video when you click. It is fascinating.

A Whole New Dimension in Music


The music industry is about to go through a major transformation and we will be witnessing it in the next year or two. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who is so amazed by these changes. I guarantee you that if John, George, Elvis and Michael ever came back, they would be shocked to learn that Billboard has added a whole new feature for charts that has nothing to do with the sales of songs.

Starting in May, Billboard, the world renowned music trade publication, will be ranking songs being discussed and shared the most on Twitter. The real-time charts will be published on as well as through the publication’s Twitter feed.

Having been a Billboard reader for decades, this change is mind-boggling because the entire music industry lived and died on the weekly sales charts. In order to rank on the top of the list, you had to achieve more sales that week than any other artist.

Now the whole complexion is changing when Billboard starts showing which artists and songs are being discussed the most. Sales will still be reported too but chatter is going to have a major influence on popularity.

This is going to be an interesting journey in music because Twitter, like all social media, can be manipulated by users who have millions of followers. One good tweet can have a huge impact on trending and future Twitter conversations. Read more about it in The New York Times.

From where I stand, this is going be a very interesting new twist in the music business. I will report any new findings


The Final Word on Saving Your Wet iPhone or Tablet


It’s amazing that more people don’t drop electronic devices into their bathtub, toilets, sinks, swimming pools, jacuzzis, and ocean. Americans take their mobile products with them everywhere. Oh, the stories I have heard.

I’m no one to talk. A few years ago I took my iPhone and iPod into that bathroom with me when I was going to hand wash some of my clothes. Stupidly, I placed both devices on the edge of the sink while my clothes were soaking.

I forgot that I brought my wireless products into the bathroom with me, and went on to do other chores in my apartment. A little later I had to make a phone call and went back to the bathroom to get my iPhone. It wasn’t there. I hunted the entire apartment for my devices. At that point, I was in a full blown panic attack

I decided to finish my hand wash and then I would hunt again. I can’t begin to describe the horror I felt when my hands went into the soapy water and touched my electronic devices. Somehow, they fell in. My whole life flashed in front of me. I literally drowned my contacts and files.

If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have panicked as much. I strongly suggest to read this
CNET story that gives by blow by blow description what you should do if your mobile products ever get submerged in water.

First tip: turn all products off. No time to waste. The CNET story spells out the rest .


Ryan Seacrest Gets Caught Making A Typo


My cousin Beth showed up at a family vacation at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA with a Typo. It was the first time I actually had a chance to try the new keyboard case for the iPhone 5 and 5S. Ryan Seacrest is a major investor in Typo and has been actively marketing the iPhone accessory.

Typo’s claim to fame is that it helps users type 50 per cent faster with fewer typos. Thus the name. The big draw is its touch keyboard. People love the feel of a typewriter-type keyboard.

Many folks, including Beth, resisted buying an iPhone because of its flat-surface on screen keyboard. They were loyal BlackBerry users until the Typo keyboard case became available. I am not saying that everyone will instantly jump ship, but the new accessory is definitely a major attraction.

Beth has been using Typo for a few weeks and is very satisfied. She says she can use both hands to type and there is plenty of room for her fingers. She gave me a great demonstration.

I was even thinking of buying one until I opened the newspapers the next day and learned that BlackBerry managed to block the sale of all Typos. BlackBerry claims that Typo infringed on its patents. A federal judge agreed and issued a preliminary injunction.

The court battle is going to get very interesting. Let’s see if Seacrest and his Hollywood buddies show up to defend the new case.

Beth, hold on to your Typo. It may become a valuable collectible.



A Quick Look at Virtual Reality

If you watch the above video, you will get to see what virtual reality looks like. I know many of you have heard of virtual reality before but do not know exactly what it means. According to Wikipedia, “Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds.” Many video game companies are totally involved in virtual reality.

I thought it would be interesting for you to understand virtual reality, now that Facebook just bought The Oculus Rift, virtual reality head-mounted display company, for $400 million in cash, $1.6 billion in Facebook stock.

Oculus Rift was at CES but no one had a clue that it would one day be a Facebook company. Facebook has big plans to take a lead in this product category. Virtual reality is finally going to take center stage and we get to be a part of it,


Joan Rivers Pulls The Senior Card

Either you are going to love or hate Joan Rivers’ return to the “Tonight Show” last Monday night. Let me correct myself, Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.”

This was actually Joan’s second appearance. She also participated in Fallon’s very first show along with a parade of celebrities who stopped by to wish him well. That marked the first time that Joan had been on the “Tonight Show” in nearly 30 years. Johnny Carson put the kibosh on Joan after she agreed to host another late night show on a competing network.

Joan used her appearance to let the world know that at 80 she no longer cares what people think of her. She always said what was on her mind and now she is going for the jugular.

Joan was pretty raunchy and offensive on the show so consider yourself forewarned. The reason I wanted to share it with you is because at 80 she is still slugging away. To most of her audiences and co-workers, Joan is ageless. Yes, they know that she is older, but they do not consider her old.

She has two million Twitter followers, a half a million Facebook friends, and is making great headway on Instagram and YouTube. Joan knows all about social media, handles her own posts, and was one of the first to have a comedy show on the Internet. Let’s not forget about her TV reality show and Fashion Police.

I think it is safe to say that 80 is the new 60 in Joan’s case. Let that be an inspiration to all of us.