The Future Of YouTube


Susan Wojcicki
YouTube, CEO

Happy Passover

I read the most interesting story about YouTube today and wanted to share it with you. Simply click here to get all of the details.

YouTube is really an amazing resource. Everything and anything you could possibly want to learn about is on it. All you have to do is search the topic and extensive videos with the utmost explanation pop up. The ones with the most views are listed first.

That is just the beginning of what this format is all about. Susan Wojcicki, the new CEO of YouTube, has every intention of turning the video channel into a major platform for education and entertainment.

By the way, Wojcicki has quite the history herself. She is considered one of the most important people in advertising by the marketing industry. Her real claim to fame is that she was the one who provided the office space in her garage in Menlo Park, CA, so that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin could start their business. Her sister, Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe, is married to Sergey Brin. She is married to Google executive Dennis Troper and they have four children.

Wojcicki’s mission over the next few years is to make the original programming on YouTube as famous as some of our favorite TV shows. She hopes to turn the talent on these programs into into major household names.

This is going to be a fascinating journey and a great opportunity for all of us to watch the beginning of a whole new avenue in entertainment and education emerge. Stay tuned.

We Forget What It Takes To Be a Star

The next time one of your kids or grandkids tells you they have a dream, be careful how you respond. He or she just may be the one who will be supporting you in your old age.

YouTube recently profiled some of the biggest stars in Hollywood when they were just starting out. Mashable wrote about it as well. I wanted to share it with you as sort of a reality check. We forget how hard some people work in order to achieve success.

I am working on several digital projects where people expect to be overnight sensations. They don’t understand the sweat and determination others have put into their crafts. The founders of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Yahoo gave up years of their personal lives to be where they are today.

And that never stops. It’s all a matter of lifestyle and preferences. Just remember, the advice you offer young people in your life has a long lasting effect. Your word carries a lot of weight. It’ll be to be interesting to see their final choices.

1) Lady Gaga performing at NYU’s annual talent show.

2) Louis C.K. at a Boston standup.

3) Justin Timberlake on “Star Search.”

4) Angelina Jolie in her first movie,1982.

5) Scarlett Johannson in an audition tape.

6) Fergie on “Kids Incorporated.”

7) Ryan Gosling on “The Mickey Mouse Club.”

8) Beyonce Knowles in the group Girl’s Tyme.

9) A young Kirsten Stewart in a commercial.

Bicycle-Powered Treehouse Elevator

This is what I call innovative. I have always loved treehouses. Being a city kid, I rarely got to visit one. When I did, I just loved the panoramic view from above. It was all about fantasy.

My last treehouse visit was about two years ago at a home of Terri Weinstein in Coral Gables, Florida. It was very difficult to capture the structure in a photo because it was covered with branches and leaves. Getting up there was an experience. I think I still have some faded cuts.

There was no question about it. Once you were up there, the view was dreamy. You got the best view of the garden and the use of coral throughout the patio and pool area. We hung out for just enough time to truly remember why treehouses are just so much fun. Getting down was just as painful as going up.

Inventor Ethan Schlusser has a better alternative. He uses bike pedals that are connected to a pulley system to lift himself 30 feet up in the air. When he gets to just the right level, he climbs into his waiting tree-borne abode.

Make sure you watch the video above. If you have a better idea, let me know.

Meanwhile, here are some treehouses for adults.





Wimbledon: When You Want It!


Every year I forget about Wimbledon. I am hardly a tennis buff but I thoroughly enjoy watching these matches. There is something about Wimbledon that draws you into the sport.

The problem is by the time I turn on the TV and accidentally catch a game, half the matches are over. I guess I’m not the only one. YouTube has just announced a fabulous solution for everyone who is ultra busy in this digital age.

I never imagined having a choice like this, but now you can watch all of the matches online, live or at your convenience. They are showing it all, the games, the press conferences, interviews, and content from behind the scenes that was never available before.

Since I haven’t viewed YouTube’s new offering yet myself, I am not sure how the multiple live matches will be shown. I wanted to get the news to you as soon as possible. I have heard that YouTube is experimenting with their broadcasts to make sure you see the most exciting plays as they happen.

Since we are all experiencing this for the first time, be sure to share what you find out so we can equally enjoy this new development and not miss a thing.

I just took a peek. I wanted to see the replay where Steve Darcis beat Rafael Nadal. I am a big Nadal fan and all I could pick up was a Bosnia broadcast. I had to suffer watching the crushing moment without an English explanation.

Click here for the proper way to subscribe.


YouTube’s Trends Map Provides More In-Depth Information


YouTube is making it a whole lot easier to spot videos that are currently popular on the site.

The new e-map will offer gender and age profiles, shares and views. A scroll bar shows the number of regions where the video is popular.

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YouTube Hits 1 Billion Monthly Visitors


It’s difficult to believe that YouTube is just eight years old and is now one of the major communications vehicles in the world. Congratulations, YouTube! You have certainly changed our lives.

As a senior American, I can honestly say that the last few years of my life have been extremely fascinating because of all of the advances in technology. I love when I hear other seniors remark that they are thrilled to be witnessing all of the innovation as well. I wonder why other contemporaries don’t feel as fortunate.

YouTube alone is a wonderment. I use YouTube for everything, from creating my own channel (lwhitman) to researching every imaginable topic. I don’t know why, but I am always amazed that when I type in a topic in the search box, the greatest reference videos appear. I couldn’t ask for better explanations.

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YouTube Grows Up


YouTube wants to make lots of money. First sign of maturity. Google is tired of financing it. My sources tell me that the financials are still being worked out but YouTube wants paid subscriptions for individual channels.

YouTube wants content providers to offer channels that subscribers would have to pay anywhere between $1 and $5 a month. Of course, this would only hold true for content companies that have already demonstrated the ability to build and maintain a large presence on the video site (aka multichannel networks like Fullscreen, Machinima, and Maker Studios).

YouTube is also considering charging for content libraries and live events.
Revenue will be shared between all parties.

This is still only in discussions. Sounds like a great opportunity for video producers to make some money.

Interesting Facts you can learn from YouTube

I am going to let the videos speak for themselves with a little comment from me.

Have you ever questioned the intelligence of the Chinese?

SphereTones is a visual instrument in Google Play.

HP certified trainer shows us how easy it is to wrap a scooter with the new HP Air Release Cast Vinyl Wrap film, printed with HP Latex technology.

Surfing a 100-foot wave in Portugal is his idea of fun.

The most dangerous places on Earth.

Dark Meat

I love dark meat Turkey. So does Larry David. I found this out because Kara Swisher of shared the video below with her readers. It’s pretty funny, especially if you come from Brooklyn.

I want to dedicate this blog post to Elliott Lampert, my friend in Miami, who had to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital. You will be out soon. Get some good rest. Thank you Mindi for keeping us informed. I finally see the virtue of texting.

Quite a Turkey Day.

Larry Lives

I really have nothing against Larry King other than he seems to fall asleep after he asks his guests a question. I have watched him ask a question many times, get a provocative answer that desperately needed further discussion, and just like a robot, move on to the next point on his cheat sheet.

When he left CNN after 25 years, I thought that was that. The old timers were getting weeded out in favor of all the digital newbies who were going to give us a new prospective on the news.

I was feeling bad for the likes of Larry, and a little for myself, who desperately want to remain relevant in a world dominated by kids who are young enough to be our grandchildren.

Then came the news.

At age 78, King is becoming a dominant force in the new digital age of Internet TV. Backed by one of the richest men in the world, Carlos Slim, a Mexican financier, Larry King has a new talk show on the Ora online network.

A long time business acquaintance of mine, Jefferson Graham, of USA Today, just did a print and video interview with Larry that explains it all.

Click here. Give it a few seconds to appear.

For those of you who want the info quickly, let me spell it out. Larry is now pioneering the Internet even though he doesn’t know how to turn on a computer, answer an email, or post a tweet.

Jefferson says Larry now has Larry King Now on Hulu, Monday through Thursday, and he’s still attracting big-name talent. Guests have included Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, actor Matthew McConaughey, and old friends Regis Philbin and Betty White.
Larry also makes his debut this week on YouTube with live political analysis of the Republican convention (, and the Democratic convention next week.

He has no idea what twitter is but has 2.5 million followers. His wife and assistant handle his digital correspondence.

I don’t want to spoil the video for you but he does a good job of defending his digital inabilities, something about providing a personal touch. You judge for yourself!