Privacy Or Protection

I’m curious about your thoughts on whether police officers should be allowed to check the cellphone of a person who was driving during a car accident. The state of Nevada wants to change their laws so police can check to see if the driver was texting while driving.

While this questions privacy concerns, many people feel this will help prevent drivers from taking their eyes off the road. Life matters vs citizen rights?

The new possible legislation is called “textalyzers.” There are other cities examining distracted driving laws including New York, New Jersey, Tennessee and Chicago.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said distracted drivers contributed to 3,450 auto fatalities in 2016. Fourteen percent were linked to cellphone use.

An Israeli company called Cellebrite has developed a text tester that would only identify the type of cell phone activity that was taking place during the accident. No personal data would be revealed. What do you think of that?

The Washington Post did a story on this topic that you may want to read.

Give Women A Chance

Our good friends, Gail Williams and Dawn McCall, invited Eliot and me to a fundraiser in their home for the LPAC. We really didn’t know much about the organization, but by the time the event was over we realized how powerful this LGBTQ group is for all women’s equality and social justice. The guest speaker was Congresswoman Donna Shalala. I recorded a few minutes of her speech. Learn more about the LPAC. If you like what your read, donate here.

Congresswoman Donna Shalala

Stephanie Sandberg, Executive Director

Alex Ritchie, Board Member


Gail Williams

Dawn McCall

Andrew Tobias is a well known financial writer and former client of HWH PR.

Broadway Bound “Twist Of Fate”

The magical music of Ron Abel, and the magnificent lyrics/script by Lissa Levin, (our good friends) completely rocked the house at “54 Below” Wednesday night in NYC with their Broadway bound show “Twist Of Fate.” They produced this “musical reading” in an effort to attract Broadway producers. Response has been positive so far. I will let you know.

Read all about the show in a previous DigiDame post. Click here.

The New Female Office Jacket

This may be off-topic a bit, but I wanted everyone to know that many females in the corporate world are now showing up for work in biker jackets. Fortune magazine just did a feature on how the James Dean style started for women and why it is catching on.

Stylists from all over the world are claiming that the biker jackets are making woman look more sexy. I’m not sure if they mean whips and chains or just powerful women of the world. At first I thought Fortune magazine was making up the whole new trend. Then I passed the windows at Barney’s in NYC. Boy, did I get a surprise.

Window at Barney!s

If You Like To Read, This Is An Interesting Story With A Twist

The Chinese love to read. They must also love a good joke.

The relatively new five-story, 360,000-square-foot library in Tianjin, China, was designed by the Dutch architectural firm MVRDV to look like a giant eye. It contains 200,000 books.

One problem, you can’t can’t tell if the rows and rows of books in the library’s main hall are actually real, or decorated with printed images.

It turns out that the main hall is only for walking, sitting, reading, and discussions. It’s not meant for book storage. The real books are in rooms behind the atrium.

The new design is attracting people from all over the world. It seems people who love to read also appreciate leading edge architecture. Checkouts reportedly have quadrupled since the opening.

An average of 15,000 visitors flock to the library every weekend. We could use some of that enthusiasm for libraries in the United States.




Senior Cohousing Is Now Trending

I came across this article and thought of you. I cut and pasted this post from a friend, Alisa Steed, on Facebook. I found it super interesting. I love the concept of Senior cohousing.

My building neighbors in Miami Beach have often suggested that we grow old together. The plan was that we would all keep our condos and share hired help, caretakers, cooks, cleaners, etc. We were joking at the time, but a writer Karen Salmansohn, who is 58 years young, is taking it very seriously.

Karen Salmansohn is the founder of NotSalmon and Masters In Life – as well as a best selling author and award winning designer – with over 1 million books sold – and over 1 million fans on Facebook. She is committed to inspiring people to live a life they love – no matter how much “you gotta be freaking kidding me!” life throws at you! Below is the story of Karen’s personal journey – a zig-zagger of a path- with many obstacles to swerve around and peaks and valleys to travel up and through – which brought her to why she loves writing and designing inspirational books and products.

Karen says…..

“Senior cohousing is now trending – and for good reason. Below I share 5 reasons you might prefer senior cohousing with friends to nursing homes and assisted living.

It is estimated that by 2050, the number of people over 60 years old will triple from what it is now.

I love the idea of living in cohousing surrounded by friends – where I only need to walk a few feet to meet up with a someone for coffee or enjoy a walk in a shared garden.

If you’re seeking a more fun and rewarding way to spend your senior years, here are…

Senior Cohousing is when you live in an intentional neighborhood – surrounded by your friends – and you share in things like the same dining area, library, fitness center, garden, TV room etc.

Longevity research states that staying social with friends and family helps to keep you living longer.

5 reasons you might prefer senior cohousing:

1. A True Community

You get to enjoy having your friends close by so you can share time and activities. In contrast, seniors who live alone often feel loneliness.

2. Lots Of Privacy

In assisted living seniors live in very close quarters with one another. But with senior cohousing you get your own private apartment or house!

3. Less Money

Living in a nursing home or assisted living usually costs a lot more. But with senior cohousing, you’re sharing resources with friends, so you save money.

4. Lots of Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Perks

Let’s be real. Living in a Nursing home or in Assisted Living can feel a lot more depressing than living in a shared senior cohousing community.

5. Safety

In a cohousing neighborhood, you have neighbors around who expect to see you daily. They will notice if you’re not around. Hence if you fall,  then don’t show up for a meet up, your neighbors will check in on you.

Do YOU hope to sloooow down the aging process and protect yourself against age-related diseases and dementia? If so, check out my longevity book, ‘Life is Long: 50+ ways to live a little closer to forever‘ “

If you want to read this article in its entirety, click below.

Thank you Karen for spelling this out for all of us.

Thank you Alisa Steed for sharing.

View In My Room

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but Crate & Barrel has a new digital feature that allows you to see how furniture and rugs actually look like in your home.

Am I the only person who never knew that retailers were actually incorporating this major photography advancement on their sites?

I had so much fun picking out rugs and then letting the “View In My Room” feature show me how they actually look in my living room. “

I must have superimposed a dozen rugs to see what would look best. This was such a great way to shop. I’m sure other retailers offer similar online shopping techniques. If you know of any, let me know so I can share with others.

It’s Been Two Weeks On Keto Diet

Eliot and I went on the Keto diet two weeks ago today. It’s been pretty easy till I saw this ice cream machine. My will power went out the window.

Thank goodness it won’t be introduced for a while. We both lost five/six pounds each. Eliot doesn’t have too much to lose. I will be on this program for many months to come. When I get to my goal, I better stay away from ice cream, my most favorite dessert. Ice cream is the cure all, as far as I am concerned. With that in mind, I want you all to know about the LG Electronics ice cream machine. Yummy.

LG Electronics, the giant consumer electronics company, really surprised show goers at SXSW, the annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences that takes place in mid-March in Austin, Texas. LG showed up with a gadget that is going to make ice cream lovers very happy.

The company displayed a “concept machine” that will allow you to make ice cream at home. Called SnowWhite, the machine operates like a Keurig. It features a pod-based system that allows you to choose the base and flavor for a variety of frozen desserts.

I’m not sure when LG plans to bring the ice cream machine to market. I certainly know a lot of people who would love a unit like this because they would always have something to serve company. The good news is that SnowWhite can also make gelato, granita, sorbet, and yogurt.

I can’t wait to make ice cream.