The Today Show Celebrates The Capabilities of the Satpaq

The Satpaq, client of HWH PR, appeared on the Today Show this morning. Thank you Steve Greenberg for recognizing the amazing benefits the Satpaq provides. 50 per cent of the country does not have cell coverage. Satpaq steps in and saves lives. It’s about time the media gave this product the attention it deserves. Thank you, thank you.


Daniel Chimowitz’s Fashions

I first mentioned graffiti artist and fashion designer Daniel Chimowitz last September when he was installing his exhibit at the Jewish Museum Of Florida–FIU. You can read the blog post here.

Today I photographed his fashion collection which is so inspiring and cutting edge. Daniel worked very closely with Patricia Field, an American costume designer and stylist. She is best known for her work on the ever popular, Sex And The City, TV series.

There is no doubt she had a great influence on him. Daniel who is internationally known, is gaining significant exposure in a variety of print, broadcast and Internet media outlets.

Enjoy the designs.

The Next New Trend In Medication Is Digital Pills

I just found out that there is a company in Silicon Valley that has invented a ‘smart’ pill that incorporates tiny sensors to track, when and if, you have taken your medication.

The company is Proteus and it’s already valued at $1.5 billion. Proteus has raised $487 million with backing from investors like Novartis.

The reason why this invention is so important is because there are millions of people out there who struggle to take medications. They can often be depressed or confused. The digital pill will make sure that patients always take the correct dose. This is vital in the treatment process.

The website for Proteus Digital Health explains that the ingestible sensors work with a small wearable patch, an app, and a provider portal. Caregivers can then learn more about a patient’s health patterns and medication effectiveness.

While all of this sounds a little extreme, it really could save lives because, as we all know, too many people are mismanaging the pills they are given.

Read more about it here.

Don’t Miss This Performance By Katelyn Ohashi, For The Perfect 10! – UCLA

I have watched this video 10 times and I can’t believe this college student goes beyond previous gymnastic heights, a perfect “10” score. Katelyn Ohashi of U.C.L.A.’s performance was so brilliant that it attracted millions of views on YouTube. I wanted to be sure you got to see it too.

Stephen Colbert’s Tech Segment Silly, But True

Eliot Did It!

We Beat Neil Young Big Time

The numbers are in. We have definite proof that we beat singer/songwriter Neil Young in the hi res music player business. He tried to compete against our client, Astell&Kern and Activo, but I am happy to report he didn’t last very long.

His hi res music player, called Pono, is gone, even after he accumulated quite a bit of publicity for it. Neil even appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to tout his accomplishments. I thought for sure it was over for us. There was nothing we could do but just focus on our own business. We continued to pound the pavement.

The final result is that our client Astell&Kern and Activo, went on to break all award and sales records. Thank you to everyone in the music business for all their amazing support. A special shout out to Jason Henriques of HWH PR and our client, Owen Kwon, for doing all of the heavy lifting. They are the ones responsible for this massive success.

Here are highlights of 2018 for US Media coverage for Astell&Kern and ACTIVO.

Astell&Kern Highlights

* 20 Awards for Astell&Kern Products in the United States in 2018 – increase from 2017

* $11.7 million in Ad Value for Astell&Kern Media Coverage in the U.S. in 2018 (Equivalent PR Value – $35.1 million) – increase from 2017

* 1.5 Million Print Viewers of Astell&Kern Product Reviews – increase from 2017

* 402.7 Million Unique Web Viewers of Astell&Kern News and Product Reviews – increase from 2017

* Major U.S. Mass Media coverage of Astell&Kern in 2018 included:

* CNET – 30 million Unique Visitors Per Month (UVM)

* Digital Trends – 30 million UVM (multiple articles)

* PC World – 24 million UVM (multiple articles)

* MacWorld – 11.5 million (multiple articles)

* Techhive – 1.2 million UVM (multiple)

* Gear Patrol – 3.7 million (multiple)

* The Verge – 25 Million UVM (multiple)

* Forbes – 29.7 Million (multiple)

* Men’s Journal – 1 million print subscribers, 34.7 million online

ACTIVO Highlights

* 3 Awards for the ACTIVO CT10 since U.S. launch in August 2018

* $150,000 in Ad Value for Astell&Kern Media Coverage in the U.S. in 2017

(Equivalent PR Value – $450,000)

* 131.8 Million Unique Web Viewers of ACTIVO News and Product Reviews

* Major U.S. Mass Media coverage of ACTIVO in 2018 included:

* Digital Trends – 30 million UVM (multiple articles)

* PC World – 24 million UVM

* MacWorld – 11.5 million

* Techhive – 1.2 million UVM (multiple articles)

* Forbes – 29.7 Million

* Yahoo News – 1.8 million

Apple AirPods Can Help You Eavesdrop

I know that most DigiDame readers are upstanding citizens, but for those of you who love to learn new tricks, be sure to read on.

A guy with the handle @arnoldcrndo, got retweeted 50,000 times recently, because he revealed how to use Apple’s AirPods as an eavesdropping device. Twitter went wild when users learned that all they had to do was: 1-activate the Live Listen feature on their iPhone and 2-place the iPhone near the people they want to spy on. They could then listen to conversations through their AirPods.

The Live Listen allows the iPhone to be used as a directional microphone and the AirPods as hearing aids.

Digital Trends explains, “To activate the feature, users will need to go to the Control Center menu under Settings, tap Customize Controls, and then tap the plus sign next to the Hearing icon to add it to the Control Center.”

Apple added Live Listen to the AirPods to help users with minor hearing issues. However, a growing number are using the feature to bug others.

That’s the world of technology.

Click here to read Digital Trends.

Who’s Kidding Whom?

There’s an interactive pillow, called Qoobo, that’s becoming increasingly popular and I think the world has gone mad. After hearing about it for months, I finally saw it at CES.

I just can’t understand why anyone would spend $149.00 for a pillow with a tail that makes lifelike movements when you stroke, or rub it.

Executives at the company said Qoobo is designed for people who cannot own pets, especially those who have allergies or live in apartments.

Qoobo became one of the most talked about gadgets a recent trade show in Japan. Sales soared. I just don’t get its appeal.

What do you think of it?