Smart Diapers

Attention all new parents and grandparents, you no longer have to stick your fingers down the baby’s diaper to see if he, or she, is wet.

Drum roll. There is now a new app to do that. It’s unbelievable. There is no category that “smart” technology can’t take care of.

Pampers just announced that they will be introducing a line of smart diapers that tracks a baby’s urine. Called the Lumi by Pampers, the diapers actually have activity sensors that alerts caregivers it’s time for a change.

The Lumi by Pampers line comes with a baby monitor and a 10-day supply of diapers. Additional packs of diapers will also be sold separately.

Pricing is just being established. The smart diapers will be available this Fall. Read more about it here.

Hello from your favorite comedians!

Are You A “He,” “She,” or “They?”

Before we get to the above question, I would just like to thank Jodi Kahn for reminding us about Willis Carrier.

Are You A “He,” “She,” or “They? “ If you are wondering why I am asking you this question, it’s because it’s becoming a “trending” topic these days. A growing number of people are claiming that they don’t identify as either a male or female. CBS Sunday Morning explained it all today. I wanted to be sure you were clued in. Be sure to watch the video.

A Facebook Friend posted the following today and I thought it was humorous.

A Photo Essay By Eliot Hess

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Coral Gables home and gardens of Michael and Jorge. We own their art, but we had no idea how they lived. It was a total magical tour. Their creative imprints were everywhere. It’s just amazing to see how creative minds build their own abode. This beauty must be shared.This is just a partial look. Enjoy.

Michael and Jorge

The Pencil Fence

Tina Turner plants

Ding Dong

Octopus Plants

Follow The Brick Road


Home Plate

The Fountain Of Truth

Standing Ovation

Tiny House

Meditation Point

A Dash Of Color

The Gardeners

The House That Creativity Built

The Command Center

A Mask For Every Moment

The Masquerade Ball

Mr. Macho

The Face In The Crowd

The Salon

Someone To Watch Over You

The Gallery

A Passion For Redheads

Tea For Two

Top Shelf Collection

Know The Facts Before You FaceApp Your Face

The world is talking about FaceApp. I really wanted to avoid the topic, but too many friends questioned me about why the app was receiving so much negative publicity.

FaceApp is an app that shows you what you look like when you’re much older. Millions of folks on Facebook are showing everyone what they will look like decades from now.

FaceApp was created by a St. Petersburg, Russia company. The owners are asking you to send them your portrait photos from your device to its servers.

The Washington Post points out that FaceApp “retains rights to use your photos in perpetuity, and performs artificial intelligence black magic on them.”

That makes people nervous after the 2016 Presidential election. FaceApp has denied all privacy claims against them. They claim they delete “most images” from its servers within 48 hours of uploading. No one can confirm that.

FaceApp founder Yaroslav Goncharov said “the user data is not transferred to Russia.” Like almost everyone else, FaceApp uses Amazon’s cloud.

The Washington Post created a quick video to give you all the pointers you need to know. It’s posted above.

The Wojcicki Family

I wanted to devote one blog post to the Wojcicki family. I have been fascinated with them for years.

The parents are Stanley Wojcicki (a Polish American emeritus professor and former chair of the physics department at Stanford University); Esther Wojcicki (an American journalist, educator, and vice chair of the Creative Commons advisory council. She is also the founder of the Palo Alto High School Media Arts Program in Palo Alto); daughter Anne (Founder of 23andMe); daughter Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube; and daughter Janet Wojcicki, an anthropologist and Associate Professor at UCSF.

Good genes in that family.

Yesterday, I told you about Anne Wojcicki and her company, 23andMe. Forbes did a recent story on Anne which I included below. She was married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin from 2007 until separating in 2013. They divorced in 2015. They had two children together and now as a single woman she is pregnant with her third.

Anne was quoted in Forbes saying, “Whether you’re in a relationship or not should not dictate whether or not you have the ability to have children. I’m very stubborn. When there’s something I want to do, I get it done. I really wanted a third child. So like, guess what? I executed.”

I have included the Forbes story in photos below because the link was not working. Try the link or enlarge the photos. It’s a fascinating read.

Read in Forbes:

The Real You

I know so many people who will never use a DNA ancestry test. They really don’t want to know about their health, traits, and family histories. They would rather be kept in the dark.

I can’t blame them. While it was a good experience for me, others found out about family secrets that changed their lives forever. Many people are afraid of change, whether it’s good or bad.

I just listened to Mitchell Kaplan’s “The Literary Life” podcast, with author Dani Shapiro. Her memoir, “Inheritance” is about the day she received the stunning news that her father was not her biological one. She woke up one morning and her entire history–the life she had lived–crumbled beneath her.

Dani’s story is a familiar one because I have a friend who discovered that his biological father was the neighbor across the street. Another girl friend forced her husband to take the 23andMe DNA test in order to find his biological mother. Within a few weeks after spitting into a test tube, he was having lunch with a pretty, petite woman who he now calls “mom.”

Industry stats show that over 10 million people have taken the test.

If you never met anyone who has used a DNA test, be sure to listen to this podcast. Dani’s story is one that you will never forget.

Click here.

This Is The World We Are Now Living In

Journalists Rely On Food Banks, Part-Time Jobs To Make Ends Meet 

Media Post, an online advertising publication, sadly reported today that newsroom job cuts recently reached the highest levels since the last recession 10 years ago.

The journalism business is so bad that many writers say they are now depending on local food banks to feed their families. Many have second jobs to supplement their incomes.

Pew Research Center reported that newspapers “shed almost one-quarter of their employees from 2008 to 2017, and that was before the loss of 3,000 jobs announced so far this year. The closure of 1,800 newspapers in the past 15 years has meant that half of U.S. counties are lucky if they have one newspaper.”

It’s amazing to me that one of the most important professions in the world is slowly shrinking to nothing.

Click below to read more about this topic.