My New Life As A Blogger

Andrea Hein

My girl friend Andrea Hein asked me at dinner Sunday night, “Lois, how are you going to keep this up?” She was referring to writing a blog post each day. “Are you still going to do PR?”  Yes, I am going to keep my day job. It is a perfect fit for a blogger. PR gives me the ammunition I need to stay in the action. How I am going to manage both is another story.

Writing the copy for a blog is the easy part. The part that is so

WordPress Template Called A Dashboard

time-consuming is proofing, finding images, researching related stories, highlighting links, tagging, and checking and rechecking before you click to post. For those of us who are not technically inclined, the most fascinating part of a blog is the way it is laid out and designed. Unless bloggers have their own art department, how do their posts look so professional? I could never understand that. I have come to learn that there are software programs created and designed just for bloggers. The one I use is called WordPress. I find it absolutely amazing that you can insert your copy, photos, links, and tags and WordPress does the rest. Each time I post a blog, it takes about three or four hours from start to finish. That includes everything from the writing to the rechecking. I am sure some bloggers do it faster but I am still a beginner. 

I love doing all the work and then checking it in draft form. There is such a sense of accomplishment. I feel very competitive with other bloggers who have been posting every day for years. If they can do it, why can’t I? I figured out a formula. I start thinking about the topic I am going to write about after dinner. I start the copy on my iPhone while watching TV. Once I get the general theme written out (and that can be just a few sentences), I feel so comfortable that I can fall asleep pretty quickly because I know that the pressure is off. In the morning I finish the copy in a half hour and then the drudgery begins—–the posting process. I am sure it will go faster once I start using the WordPress app on my iPhone and iPad. I still don’t have a sense of trust yet. 

Memo to Andrea and husband Ron Hein: Have a great trip in South America. I am not saying where you are going to protect your privacy. It was great seeing you at The Palm on Second Avenue in NYC. Don’t forget to sniff the cocoa leaves. Oops !!!!

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