Steven Tyler Told Me A Little Known Secret

I am searching for someone, anyone, who read rock star Steven Tyler’s book “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir.” He dedicated it to his mother Susan Rey Blancha Tallarico.

I want to discuss the little known secret he shared with his readers.

The reason why I feel this is a justified DigiDame topic is because Tyler is 64. He is a very different 64 than most of us. He does have the same aches and pains but his spirit is forever young. I know that many of you are asking why I would be so enamored with a guy who has been basically a drug addict most of his life. He admits in his book he blew $20 million on drugs over the years.

I guess the reason why I find him so fascinating is because of his creativity and energy. He is so far out there that I loved every minute of his book. Even when he was a youngster in Sunapee, New Hampshire, (he still has a home there and goes every chance he gets) he was an independent thinker. He had the freedom to be creative and make alternative choices.

Maybe we all live vicariously through people like Tyler. He is a father of four, a song writer, received a doctorate at Berkeley, another one at UMass, Boston, a poet and painter, and a person who learns something new on a daily basis. He is so far from the norm that he makes us all feel like we live in an ageless state, even if it is only for a performance, an interview, or his book. When he shared “His Little Known Secret,” with his readers, I felt 19 again. I felt what he felt and I didn’t want to let go. This is how he explains it. “When I heard The Everly Brothers’ “I Wonder If I Care So Much” and those double harmonies….I lost my breath! No one ever did those anguished teen love songs better than them. ‘Cathy’s Clown,’ ‘Let It Be Me,’ ‘So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad),’ and ‘When Will I Be Loved?’ Oh man, those hearts trending Appalachian harmonies!

“Those harmonic fifths. I mean, G-d lives in the fifths, and anyone can sing harmonies like that….that’s as close to G-d as we’re going to get short of a mother giving birth. Behold the act of creation — divine and perfect.

“If you have any doubts about this, take a deep breath and hold a note with someone, a friend, your main squeeze, your parole officer. Ahhh, when two people hold the same note and one person goes slightly off that note you will hear an eerie vibration–it’s an unearthly sound. I think in those vibrations there exists very strong healing powers, not unlike the mysterious stuff that the ancient Shamans understood and used. “Now sing in fifths, one sings C and the other G. Then one goes off key …that’s dissonance. Fifths in musical terms are first cousins and in those fifths there’s a magical throb. If you close your eyes and you touch foreheads, you’ll feel a wild interplanetary vibration. It’s a little known secret, but that’s how piano tuners tune a Steinway. G-d and sound and sex and electric grid–it’s all connected. It’s pumping through your blood stream. G-d ‘s in the gap of synapses. Vibrating, pulsating, that’s Eternity Baby.”

6 thoughts on “Steven Tyler Told Me A Little Known Secret

    • i am not sure i am qualified as a fact checker! ha! but it was very interesting…and did you see that steven got squeezed off the show? forget the spin, ratings dropped and now both he and jlo are out. she has very little musical talent to my ears…he has talent…but doing idol was not a career enhancing move in my opinion…watched idol a few times over the years and decided that the whole thing is not for me…

      • Steven states in his book that he took the gig because he was feuding with his band mates and needed to do something different. He was flattered by the offer, the high profile, the money. Lately, however, he was itching to get back on stage. By the way, if you are not qualified to make a comment, who is?

  1. I’ve loved the Everly Brothers since the first time I heard them in 1957. Their sound thrills the way looking at a skyline does, and you can’t help but marvel at what a human can create.

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