Jerry Seinfeld Made Another Show About “Nothing”

The Internet is now the wild west for Hollywood. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, YouTube, independent websites, entertainment websites, cable and TV network websites, Facebook, Twitter, other video services, are all producing content to start their own channels.

The most miraculous aspect of this development is that the playing field is now leveled. Everyone and anyone can start their own video channel and aspire to be Cecil B. DeMille. This is such great news for those of us who want to act or be behind the camera. The biggest challenge is producing quality content and knowing how to promote your channel to get additonal unique visitors every month. That is exactly what I confront with Digidame.

The Internet has also become a new platform for big name talent to find new ways of reaching audiences and attracting sponsors. A lot of the middle men are cut out. There is a bigger chance to make more money on the Internet than being beholden to big Hollywood studios who control everything.

Let’s see how Jerry Seinfeld fares on the web.. For his first attempt he partnered with Sony Pictures Television’s Crackle Service.

His new web series called, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,  debuts on July 19 at 9pm. Seinfeld does what Seinfeld does best. He made another show about nothing. Just listen to the comments from Larry David. From nothing comes a lot of good laughs but, of course, you have to be a Seinfeld fan. I am.

Seinfeld interviews fellow comedians over a cup of coffee. The list of guests scheduled to appear include Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin, and maybe even you. Why do I say that? Anything is possible. The number of episodes, the length, and all the talent have not been announced yet. It doesn’t have to be.

This is the Internet you know.

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