iPhone Headphone Tricks

I always beg friends to share their tech knowledge with me. Some people are always willing to let you know what they know, while others feel special by keeping the info to themselves.

It doesn’t really matter anymore which way a person swings because you can use Google to find out the answers to almost any question you may ever have. Yet, it is always nice when someone delivers the goods to you directly.

Here is some really fun advice you will enjoy about Apple’s free all-white headphones.They are much handier that most of you have ever imagined. Headphones that include a remote can be used to control your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in 10 ways, according to CNET and Business Insider.

1.If you’re listening to music, toggle pause or play by tapping the center button once.

2.To fast-forward a song, tap the center button twice and long-press on the second tap.

3.To rewind a song, tap three times and long-press on the third tap.

4.To skip a song, double tap.

5.To go to the previous song, triple tap.

6.If you have an incoming call, tap the center button once to answer. Tap again to hang up.

7.To ignore an incoming call, long-press the center button. You’ll hear two beeps to confirm that the caller was sent to voice mail.

8.If you’re on the phone and you get a new call, tap the center button once to switch calls. To end that new call, hold the center button down for 2 seconds.

9.You can achieve supersteady shots by using your headphones as a shutter release. Tap the volume-up button to capture a photo.

10.For iPhone 4S owners: prompt Siri by long-pressing the center button.

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