Pinterest, The Digital Corkboard

There is nothing like the threat of a major storm to make me think about how organized we are. I like the idea that at a moment’s notice we could grab our valuables and make a run for it. The older we get, the more we want to be in control.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to stop accumulating things. I just want them filed in an organized fashion so I have easy access. That is why I wanted to tell you all about the website Pinterest. It is a digital corkboard that allows you to search all kinds of categories and then “pin” interesting pictures on different boards. Pinterest has dozens of categories to search through. You can look up DIY crafts, must read books, travel ideas, gardening ideas, and several other subjects. It is a great way to expand your hobbies and find new and interesting things. This website has turned heads all over the world, quickly gaining millions of members and growing larger every day.

You can sign up for the website and log in using your Facebook or Twitter account, or with an email account. Once you log in, you can personalize your boards using whatever topics or titles you like. Some of my boards include `Sayings,’ ‘Fitness’, ‘My Style,’ and ‘Hair and Makeup.’ Your profile button will be located at the top right corner of the Pinterest website, where you can view your boards and pins, look up friends and their boards, and invite friends to join the website with you.

You can add pins to the corkboard by either uploading a picture, or by installing the ‘Pin It’ button, which is found under the toolbar. The Pinterest website gives you detailed instructions on how to install this button under their ‘Goodies’ tab on the homepage. Installing the button allows you to browse the internet freely. When you come across a picture that you like and want to add it to one of your own boards, simply hit the “Pin It” button, which will now be located at the top of the Pinterest webpage in a big red box. Using the dropdown box that will automatically appear, choose which board the pin will belong to, hit Pin, and you’re done.

One of the reasons Pinterest is so famous, is because it gives you the ability to collect and store files and still be paperless. Enjoy, your files are just a click away!

4 thoughts on “Pinterest, The Digital Corkboard

  1. Pinterest is another good site. You explained it well, Lois. Thanks for sharing more good information for all of us to investigate.

  2. I love Pinterest! It’s fun and addictive, and I’m also exploring ways to use it to promote my books– for example, in posting images that relate to my newest book, The Buchanan Letters.

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