What’s for Dinner?

When I was living at home with my parents, I would call my mother from work every day and ask her what was for dinner? She loved me asking and I liked thinking about what we were going to eat that night. Fast forward 45-plus years and I would love if there was someone I could call to ask the same question. Eliot would love that too. We both want a person to cook for us. More importantly, we want a person who thinks for us. We are tired of looking at menus and making food decisions.

We want a mommy. I think I found a solution again at Pepcom, the tech exhibit for press last Thursday night. I met up with the executives at Cozi Dinner Decider, a new meal-planning app that delivers personalized dinner plans to you each week featuring recipes for the foods you like and instructs you how to cook them with the kitchen tools you already own.

The meal planning is designed by catering experts (ex- Microsoft and Amazon executives) who want to offer Americans recipe recommendations based on their personalized tastes. So, I downloaded the app, picked the food we prefer and what pots and pans we own. Eliot had to answer those questions because I haven’t looked in our kitchen closets for ages, as most of you know. Every week now, Dinner Decider is going to generate a dinner plan for us with five weekday recipes. They are also going to add in two extras in case we don’t like one or two of the dinners.

I can’t say for sure if Eliot and I will cook a few nights a week, but this is a great option for empty nesters who want to simplify their lives. We are all for that. You can also control your budgets better and that is something we are all interested in.

I was told that 99 percent of families want to cook dinner at home more often, but deciding what to have is a huge burden. Thirty-four percent said deciding what to cook is their least favorite household chore.

Two customized Cozi Dinner Decider meal plans are available for free, and users can subscribe to get weekly dinner plans and continual access to their recipe preferences. Dinner Decider subscriptions are available as an in-app purchase, at $14.99 for three months or at a low, introductory price of $29.99 for one year (40 percent off the regular annual price).

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