Make Your Texts Disappear


There are times that I want to send a personal text to a friend but I don’t want others to see it. The subject can be about a job opportunity, a special gift for a love one, or just some trashy gossip. Just recently, I thought how nice it would be if I could send a text and then remove it after “the receiver” reads it.

A few days later I learned about “Silent Text.” The new technology was developed by former Navy Seals and is being introduced in an app for all platforms in the next few weeks. You are reading about this first in DigiDame.

Here’s a description from company:

‘Silent Text’ gives you the ability to transmit secure encrypted text messages between ‘Silent Circle’ members, anywhere. The messages are encrypted on your device. Each message is encrypted and only used once and then destroyed.

Easy, simple and works just like your existing Apple or Android Text – except ‘Silent Text’ is encrypted. The Burn feature allows you to have any message you send self-destruct after a time delay. No more sensitive messages staying around indefinitely. Send videos, pictures, documents – any file.

“Silent Text” has a yearly fee or a monthly charge. All very affordable considering the alternative.


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