Dr. Internet at your local Pharmacy


Several times over the years, doctor friends of mine have expressed interest about consulting with patients over the Internet. They knew I was professionally involved in the Internet, so we decided to collaborate.

The patients loved it. They could get immediate attention without ever leaving their homes. Some patients were half way around the world when they emailed my medical friends with medication questions, sudden illnesses they needed advice on, and urgent background information required for additional travel plans.

It was so early in the game that many of the doctors really led the way for what is now becoming a more popular practice. Now, just six years later, you can talk to many doctors over Skype, fill out forms and make appointments on their websites and track your personal progress in food and fitness on custom made software programs your physicians can monitor.

Well, it was only a matter of time. Now comes word that Rite Aid, one of the nation’s leading drug store chains, is introducing in-store virtual doctor visits. For $45, Rite Aid customers can talk to a doctor for 10 minutes, allowing them to participate in virtual face-to-face consultations prior to purchases.

Just like my doctor friends, Rite Aid is going to take it slow and rollout the program one area at a time. Detroit will be first. Rite Aid is working with healthcare provider OptumHealth to introduce its doctors and nurses in what will be known as the Now Clinic Online Care services.

Once a relationship is established, Rite Aid customers can access the Now Clinic site at anytime, even from their home. American Well, a supplier of telehealth software, created the technology needed for the online consultation services.

Read a more in-depth article on patient /doctor online visit just by clicking here.

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