JackPod is a Jackpot

Anyone who has ever used a tripod with a smartphone knows that you also need the companion smartphone case to wrap around the device in order to hold everything in place. That was very limiting because you couldn’t use other cases that featured additional power, waterproof designs, and more rugged exteriors.

That has all changed now that the astonishingly simple JackPod has been invented. It connects any tripod to the smartphone by using the universal headphone jack that exists on all mobile phone devices. The handy gizmo will work with the iPhone 5, 4/4s, 3g, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Nokia, and works with any shape, size, or case.

The JackPod uses a standard 1/4″ 20-thread fitting to quickly and easily attach to all standard tripods with just a few turns. Using a strong injected-molded plastic, it even works upside-down. When connecting your phone to the JackPod, you will feel and hear a ‘click’ to let you know it is secure.

A Kickstarter project, the JackPod will be available soon for $10.00.

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