Roku Now Offers Easy Access, Private Audio

For everyone who loves their Roku living room streaming-video box, I have big news. Actually it was all over the news today. The new Roku 3 has features you will really want to know about. The best video explanation comes from Walt Mossberg of AllThingsD. Click here for The Wall Street Journal channel video.

The two most important features are an easier navigation system and an earphone jack located right in the remote control for private listening. Mossberg points out he can finally go on his noisy treadmill, which usually drowns out the sound of the TV, and hear better, clearer sound. In addition, no one else in the house is now disturbed by the high volume of his TV programs.

All this and so much more for $99.00.

The Roku 3 replaces the Roku 2 XS model that was originally released in 2011. All the other current generation Rokus — the $50 Roku LT, $60 Roku HD, $80 Roku 2 XD, and $100 Roku Streaming Stick — remain in the product line, and will be getting the updated user interface of the Roku 3 in April via a software update.

Have fun!

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