Apple Is Reportedly Introducing a Revolutionary New TV

Apple is supposedly going to change the TV viewing experience forever. If Apple does it, then everyone else will join in.

The Apple TV has a 60-inch screen. Most manufacturers are referring to the new category as iTVs (Interactive TV).

This is all hearsay, but the big surprise is something called iRing, a gizmo that attaches to your finger so that you use it the same as a remote control. Kind of like point and shoot.

Another wow factor is optional iPad-like “mini iTV” screens for viewing other TV content like the Internet, home security, and video conferencing. This gives a whole new meaning to a command center.

Pricing will be around $1,500 to $2,500. It all depends on extra features. The upcoming Apple iWatch may be integrated into the iTV. In other words, you may be making phone calls right from your TV screen.

All the rumors are unfolding as I type. The minute I find out more details, I will post the info.



2 thoughts on “Apple Is Reportedly Introducing a Revolutionary New TV

  1. I agree with Sheri. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of black and white TV. Is there anyone out there who remembers black and white TV, let alone a 12″ screen? Those were the days!

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