Samsung Is No Apple



Let me repeat what I just said in the headline. Samsung is no Apple. In fact, Apple may not even be Apple anymore. I am so tired of reading financial and tech stories about Samsung trying to be Apple.

I worked for Samsung for 17 years as their PR agency. I know I left them seven years ago, but their culture is exactly the same. There is no Steve Jobs at the company. There is no leader with charisma at Samsung, and there is no one who has the power to inspire. There never will be. The Americans who work at the company are robots, and the Koreans get rotated to new positions every few years.

One of the major reasons why Samsung is so successful today is because they bought their way into the marketplace with huge advertising budgets, and they have the factories to replicate product trends.

I worry about Apple too. I feel like their whole personality is gone. Tim Cook needs to hire Chris Rock in order to inject some life back into the company. They have just dulled out.

Samsung, however, will still be in heavy competition with Apple for years to come. Is Samsung initiating these combative stories, or is the press once again trying to instigate a war? Speaking of wars, I wonder what position Samsung is going to be in if their neighbors to the North get too feisty. I worry more about the young leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, threatening to use missiles and rockets on South Korea and the United States than I am about Samsung competing with Apple.

Maybe it is my age, but when I look at this competitive Samsung dance, I see history repeating itself. Instead of North Korea threatening to “nuke us,” I hear Russia threatening to “bury us.” When I see stories about Samsung taking over Apple’s number one position in tech today, I hear Sony challenging JVC in the Betamax vs. VHS competition.

Is everything old just new again?

1 thought on “Samsung Is No Apple

  1. History does have a way of repeating itself in business! And the consumer electronics and wireless businesses are no different. Your mention of the Samsung vs. Apple war is spot on. Samsung has been spending on its marketing and PR oveer the past year at a level that likely equals what they’ve spent in total over the past 3 – 5 years. Samsung like most Asia Pacific CE and wireless manufacturers focus their efforts on product design and they do a great job in building smaller, thinner and lighter weight products. But they lack the equal focus on software for their products’ user interfaces, app integration and the overall user experience. And that is why Apple will come out of its current market funk as it moves towards its next round of product refreshes starting with the iPhone 5S this summer followed by the iPad, iPad Mini and the long rumored Apple TV line of smart TVs. Here’s a post today that shows that Apple has increased its lead over Samsung in the smartphone sector:

    With the recent much hyped launch of the Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone and Samsung’s over the top event at Radio City Music Hall followed by its relaunch much hyped event on Wall Street of its Smart TV lineup for the 2013 season, most consumers might drink the Samsung Kool Aid that they are kicking Apple’s ass on all product fronts. Tim Cook and Phil Sciller of Apple together cannot even start to replicate the marketing aura of Steve Jobs. But let’s hope that they understand their recent failures with Google Maps, iPad Lightning connector, China apology, etc., and that they re-energize Apple with some exciting launches of their new product launches in the 2nd half of this year. Stay tuned! :>)

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