nio Saves You From Having a Nervous Breakdown


If you have ever lost something, you know the feeling of total despair. I immediately feel that I can’t breathe, my pulse races, and I start to scream. There is something in me that says the louder I scream, the better chance I will find what I am looking for.

Just the other day, I freaked when I couldn’t find my iPhone. I always put it in the side pocket of my purse but it must have slipped out into the main area of my handbag. Once something falls in to that deep hole, there is a good chance I will never see it again. I sometimes wonder what is growing in there.

The other day I had yet another sinking feeling that I lost my iPhone. Luckily, I found it right away. I am now convinced that I am going to be punished and lose it forever.

Coincidentally, I heard about a very innovative product from my friend Steve Greenberg, the Innovation Insider. The minute he told me about this unit that makes losing your iPhone, iPad, etc. almost impossible, I said I had to have it.

Our little life saver is called the nio,, and it sells for $69.95. The nio Tag is a Bluetooth accessory that can be attached to almost any belonging you choose, like your keys, wallet, purse, laptop, or carry on. Your nio smartphone app and the nio Tag act like a buddy system that sounds an alarm if they become separated. You set the distance. If the wireless chain is broken you will not only hear the alarm, but it will also lock the phone instantaneously so that it cannot be used. The nio Tag is sleek, small, and lightweight. It will last two-to-four months on a single charge.

There are other surprise features like a special alarm if the Tag Bluetooth accessory detects someone potentially stealing your cell phone. Go to the website to read all about it.

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