Bogie, the Bomb Detector




My life in technology has taken me down many roads. There is always a new person with a new idea, invention, or service. When you are a publicist, you get to go behind the scenes and be an integral part of their journey.

This morning was no different. I once again met with Bogdan Castle Maglich (Bogie) who is a nuclear physicist and a leading advocate of a purported non-radioactive aneutronic fusion energy source. He has been an HWH PR client a few times. Our assignments with him usually involve promoting his bomb detectors/systems.

In one second, Bogie’s detection systems can sniff out any kind of explosives. Had Bogie been walking past the Boston bombers with one of his detection systems, which he houses in a suitcase on wheels, alarms would have gone off.

Bogie claims that the U.S. is fighting 21st century wars with 19th century weapons. He also says that none of the explosive detection systems at any of the world’s 780 airports has ever detected an explosive within the past 20 years. “The Roentgen Rays, which date back to 1896, are intrinsically incapable of detecting explosives because they’re chemically blind. Only a fast-neutron atometer can chemically identify explosives, non-invasively and remotely.”

Bogie is currently founder and CEO of CALSEC, California Science & Engineering Corporation. The company’s motto is “Dedicated To Saving Human Lives.” When Bogie is not involved in research and development, he is fundraising. His current project will need millions of dollars to fuel. In the past, he received grants from the government plus the investment community. Today, the “sequester” has severely postponed a lot of his capitalization. He reminded me that he is a very good fundraiser. He will figure out alternative opportunities.

At 85-years-old, Bogie was very positive this morning when we met at the Cosmopolitan Club. He looked pretty chipper and energized, especially considering he’d just taken the red-eye from Newport Beach, CA where he lives. He was in town because his youngest of four was graduating from The New School this afternoon.

I could go on and on about this incredible individual, but I will let you click here to learn more. Check out his turbulent wartime childhood in Yugoslavia. After you read about that, you will understand why the rest of his life has been about saving lives.

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