You Need a Good Laugh


Many people believe that laughter is the best medicine. Even doctors will tell you it cures many woes. I guess that’s why people go to comedy clubs. They are an escape. Caroline Hirsch, owner of the legendary Caroline’s Comedy Club on Broadway in NYC, once told me she feels blessed to be in the business she is in because her place serves as a refuge from the real world. “We do well in both bad and good times,” she said. “Our customers are all about making their own fun away from their everyday grind.”

The world of apps now makes it possible for those who want to laugh to have alternatives outside the confines of a club. People want to hear jokes 24/7.

Comedy Central has come to the rescue. Earlier today, the TV channel launched a new app called CC: Stand-Up that contains the equivalent of 10 million comedy routines. Comedy Central says they have more than 6,000 videos from about 700 comedians.

The app has a special algorithm called Discover Mode that connects fans to five other comics that are similar to whichever one they were watching, a great way to discover new talent from comedians who have worked together before or who share similar material. Specially curated material can be found in Feature Mode which has “best of” one-liners, dark humor, and lots of other categories.

It is going to be very interesting to see how many folks download this free app. Who is going to have the last laugh?

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