Staying Independent


We spend all our time worrying. When we are young we worry that our parents should live forever. When we become parents, we worry about the young ones. As we get older, we worry about our elderly parents.

The question we are now all asking ourselves is who is going to worry about us as we enter our senior most years? The world is very different today. Family and lifetime friends won’t necessarily live near us when we are in our 70s and 80s.

That’s why an app like SecuraFone is so important. It will give us the freedom to lead independent lives yet have caregivers watch over us remotely. Both Android and iOS versions of SecuraFone are available to relay your vitals to caregivers, doctors or others who you want to have this info.

In addition, the app can also connect your call to a 24/7 monitoring center, 911 or another person of your choice by pressing and holding the SOS button for three seconds. The vitals that get measured and monitored are:

· Heart Rate
· Respiration Rate
· Fall Detection
· Stress
· Skin Temperature
· Activity, Steps
· Caloric Burn
· Body Posture

Finally, you can let others do the worrying for you. If you have a change in a pre-defined condition, a notification will be sent to your team of doctors, nurses, family members, friends, etc. The caregiving team can read the notifications from a secure portal. Multiple caregivers can determine next steps and involve others who are needed.

The SecuraFone Health app can also allow the caregiving team to access both real-time and historical information to help make the most appropriate decisions for you.

For a lot of married folks, SecuraFone might also be a life saver. Your partners may be the last to identify changes in you. It is always great to have a second opinion.

To read more about SecuraFone, click here.

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