Multi-Function YouTube App

I finally had a chance to play with YouTube’s Capture app. Now I may never stop. I love video taping everything, but uploading to YouTube has always been problematic for me. There were too many steps before I had the opportunity to share my videos with family and friends.

Hooray! YouTube simplified the process. Now the Capture app from YouTube is featuring all the tools I need before uploading. I can now add captions, tags, and edit (color correction and auto stabilization) — and even include music. When I’m done putting the finishing touches on my video, I can then instantly upload the file directly to my YouTube channel. I can also store it as a private video.

Here is the best part. I can also share the video from the Capture app on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. This saves me so much time because I used to have to go in and out of each app to get this done.

As you know, YouTube is owned by Google, so the fact that Capture is available on iOS is a big deal. Google will be making it available on Android mobile phones very soon.

I have included a Capture demo video, above.

Find below my own Capture videos, the first one taken in the Courtyard Restaurant of the Ritz Hotel in Madrid, and the second one taken in the lobby.


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