IPhone Doubles as a Stun Gun

You are not going to believe this. Your smartphone can now double as a stun gun. I kid you not. It is still difficult for me to understand how law enforcement agencies are going to let us all walk around with stun guns. So far no one seems to be stopping it.

A company called Yellow Jacket introduced the world’s first smartphone stun gun case in 2012, initially for iPhone 4. Priced at $140, the stun gun has an output of 650,000 volts at 0.8 milliamps, which the company said should be “painful, but not harmful.”

A few days ago, business friend Roy Furchgott of The New York Times tested and reviewed the Yellow Jacket. He said,

“I zapped myself on the inside of my forearm, which [had been] suggested because it has relatively few nerve endings. There was a stinging sensation and I felt an electrical shock travel to my wrist. The shock was really more startling than painful. It was no worse than when I have mistakenly bumped into an electric horse fence, or when [I was a child and] someone persuaded me to test a 9-volt battery by touching it to my tongue. Twenty-four hours after I zapped myself, there were small red marks where the electrodes had touched me.”

How bizarre is that?

Roy goes on to explain, “Using the stun gun requires some preparation. You have to remove a safety cover from the electrodes, which need to touch skin to be really effective. Next, turn on the switch that arms the stun gun, and then press the illuminated blue button.”

If all that is not clear, I have included two videos that demonstrate how the smartphone stun gun case works. The case is available for only the iPhone 4 and 4S because they are the most populous models. The company says that cases for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are in the works.

The Yellow Jacket also has a powerful battery that will work as backup to increase the phone’s talk time.

There is something very odd about mixing a stun gun with an extended battery life. Double whammy.

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