Tick, Tock, How Much Time Do We Have Left?


“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” Steve Jobs

I have always wondered if I would have lived my life differently if I knew the exact date and time of my death. Even as a young kid, I used to wonder why we all weren’t told how long we had here on Earth. I believe life would have been so much easier.

I wouldn’t have been so hysterical every time I went to the doctor. All that unnecessary negative energy worrying all the time. Just this afternoon I panicked when I had my second MRI and the technician made me hold my breath about 110 times during a 40-minute period in the tube. I convinced myself that my body couldn’t handle that kind of breathing with dye running thorough it. If I knew I wasn’t going to die, it would have been so much easier.

Moments like this forced Fredrik Colting, a Swedish inventor, to create Tikker, a wrist watch that counts down your life, just so you can make every second count.

The slogan of the watch is “Make Every Second Count.” Tikker believes that if you wear their watch, you are making a statement that your biggest priority in life is living.

The Tikker Kickstarter page says, “Setting up and using TIKKER is incredibly easy. The wearer simply fills out a questionnaire, deducts his/her current age from the results, and TIKKER is ready to start the countdown. With your Tikker you will also receive the book About Time. This is your instruction manual to both Tikker and time itself. It not only gives you information on the concept of time ā€“ answering questions such as “What is time? When did time begin? Is time endless?” ā€“ but it also guides you through the process of calculating your own life span.

“Through various questions you will arrive at a figure; this is what you set your Tikker on. Although your life’s countdown began the day you were born, Tikker is now there to remind you to make the most of it, AND TO BE HAPPY!”


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