I’ve Finally Got the Power



Steve, Carlos, Williams, me, and Nito

One of my biggest business concerns is losing power on my iPhone. I usually walk around with two chargers in my handbag. Anytime I am near an outlet, I automatically charge my cell even if I don’t really need it.

I’ve tried using the smartphone cases that promise extra battery life, but that has never lasted more than a half hour for me. I even tried batteries that plug into my cell for a few hours of extra boost. The trouble with those gizmos is that they fall out. I spend most of my time trying to keep the battery inserted into my iPhone. This problem kind of defeated the original purpose.

I have been bugging my friend Steve Greenberg, the Innovation Insider, about a battery solution. Yesterday, Steve and my other friend Williams presented me with a belated birthday gift that tickled my fancy, the Jackery Bar. It is the smallest portable external battery on the market, designed to provide 22 hours of extra power.

I am checking it out now. My iPhone was just about to go out, so instead of plugging it into the wall outlet, I decided to try Jackery. It’s been a few hours and my cell has a full bar. I will report how long the external battery lasted in a future post.

If everything works out, this little gizmo will become a staple in my handbag. If I need power on a long plane flight, on the road, or even when shopping, all I have to do is plug into the Jackery Bar. The battery remains in my handbag while the wire is the only thing connected to my iPhone. It is as easy as that. It weighs 5.4 ounces. Price: $40.00.

Thanks Steve and Williams for a very thoughtful gift.

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