The Future Of YouTube


Susan Wojcicki
YouTube, CEO

Happy Passover

I read the most interesting story about YouTube today and wanted to share it with you. Simply click here to get all of the details.

YouTube is really an amazing resource. Everything and anything you could possibly want to learn about is on it. All you have to do is search the topic and extensive videos with the utmost explanation pop up. The ones with the most views are listed first.

That is just the beginning of what this format is all about. Susan Wojcicki, the new CEO of YouTube, has every intention of turning the video channel into a major platform for education and entertainment.

By the way, Wojcicki has quite the history herself. She is considered one of the most important people in advertising by the marketing industry. Her real claim to fame is that she was the one who provided the office space in her garage in Menlo Park, CA, so that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin could start their business. Her sister, Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe, is married to Sergey Brin. She is married to Google executive Dennis Troper and they have four children.

Wojcicki’s mission over the next few years is to make the original programming on YouTube as famous as some of our favorite TV shows. She hopes to turn the talent on these programs into into major household names.

This is going to be a fascinating journey and a great opportunity for all of us to watch the beginning of a whole new avenue in entertainment and education emerge. Stay tuned.

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