Cleaning The Air


All my friends with allergies are gearing up for a terrible itchy nose and watery eyes season. They heard that because the winter was so long and cold, the pollen count was going to now reach record highs.

I hope not. I asked around to find out what new gizmo could benefit those with allergies just because I hate to see people needlessly suffer.

I was told there is a digital solution that may not be a cure but should help ease the situation a little bit. Honeywell’s newest air purifier includes Bluetooth, which allows your smartphone to turn the device on when you enter the room. It also “controls cleaning levels and sets a schedule when it’s time to swap out the HEPA filter. It takes pulling pollen and mold alerts from the web via your smartphone and adjusting fan levels automatically.”

The HPA250B, which can accommodate rooms of up to 310 square feet, is available from Best Buy for $269.99.

Good luck.

1 thought on “Cleaning The Air

  1. Yes…..allergy season in the NY metropolitan area is worse than previous seasons. I’m sure this air purifier can also help those vulnerable for influenza. Fortunately, I’m not vulnerable to either!
    Love your blog!!!

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