The Most Innovative Kayak You’ve Ever Seen


I have only kayaked once. I really liked it even though Eliot did all the work. It’s a great way to get close to nature, just you and a body of water. Many of my friends in Miami kayak all the time, but they admit it’s always a schlep to tow their boats to the bay.

Tonight Oru Kayak presented a solution on Shark Tank. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Oru Kayak designs origami kayaks. They fold out of a compact case. The video above gives a great demonstration of what I am talking about. There is nothing like the Oru kayaks on the market.

The Oru Kayak is light and compact. It’s on display at the San Franscisco Museum of Modern Art. I want to buy one. The Oru website says “it’s stable enough for beginners and fast and sporty enough for expert kayakers. Oru Kayaks transform from a box to boat in just a few minutes.”

-Comfortable foam seat and fully-adjustable backrest
-Easy-to-close watertight seams
-2 rubber deck straps for extra gear
-Easy-to-adjust footrest
-Reinforced cockpit for easy entry
-Pair of bulkheads for extra rigidity
-Simple and intuitive strap and buckle closure system
-Fits standard spray skirts (size medium)

LENGTH: 12′ [3.7 M]
WIDTH: 25″ [63 CM]
WEIGHT: 26 LBS [12 KG]
BOX LENGTH: 32″ [81 CM]
BOX WIDTH: 13″ [33 CM]
BOX HEIGHT: 29″ [73 CM]

The Oru Kayak retails at $1,195.00. Pricey but convenient. I’ll let you know if we get a pair.



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