Binoculars Meet iPhone

If you love sports, concerts, and bird watching, then you are going to love the field binoculars. When the binoculars attach to iPhone, it is perfect for either easy viewing and/or recording. The 36mm lenses on the binoculars deliver 8X magnification for a 465-foot field of view at 1,

The unit is being sold at Hammacher Schlemmer for $99. The description reads “When the phone is in camera mode, the screen displays all magnified images as if it were an external monitor. The included phone case seals snugly over one eyepiece, aligning the phone’s camera with the binocular lens. Included phone cases fit iPhone 5S/5 and 4S/4. The field glasses also function as standard binoculars when detached. Includes carrying case and cleaning cloth. 1 3/4″ H x 6″ W x 7” L. (2 lbs.).

My friend Steve just gifted the binoculars to me. I wanted to let you know about them immediately. After I use it a few times, i will give you a review.

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