Breakthrough Miami

Eliot and I were invited earlier this week to visit and learn more about Breakthrough Miami, a six-week Summer Institute and Saturday school-year program. It is an eight-year program, starting with middle-grade students from economically disadvantage backgrounds. The main purpose is to promote a love of learning and commitment to the community.

The reason why Elissa Vanaver, CEO, of Breakthrough Miami, asked us to visit one of the many campuses where the program is being held (Ransom Everglades School) was to discuss the possibly of helping to promote the program in traditional publications and through social media. We both agree that direct campaigns via email is far more effective than social media, but that is another discussion.

I’m writing about this program today because I want to urge people in our age group to get involved in programs like this or any community opportunity where you can give back. Too many of my friends have narrowed their scope of the universe and basically focus on the same list of things to do each day. It bothers me that they are a lot smarter than I am yet they don’t explore new opportunities.

It’s as if someone had told us, as we entered our 60s, that we had done enough and to just spend the rest of our days on a golf course or in front of the TV. I am no different. I really have to push myself to take on a new challenges.

I am grateful to Alissa for inviting us to see what she is working on. I met her at our July 4th party. She is the wife of the photo editor at the Miami Herald.

I already told you how we met him. Alissa came to this event armed with brochures and business cards so that she could get the word out about Breakthrough Miami.

Alissa used to be managing editor of the Miami Herald and now is totally devoted to changing lives and creating leaders. Wow, what a wonderful second career.

Lauren Kellner, site director and CEO Alissa Vanaver.




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