I Wish I Had iSwimband 27 Years Ago


I will never forget watching my father-in-law jump up from the dining room chair he was sitting on in our beach home in Quogue, L.I., to save Whitney. She was five at the time and suddenly fell into our swimming pool from the deck because she tried to retrieve a toy in the water. She had just walked outside from the dining room where we were all sitting. While she was only steps away, the end results could have been much worse. Thank you Grandpa Milton.

Grandpas can’t always be situated by a pool. For those times, you may want to tell family members with young children about a new wearable device called iSwimband. It keeps tab on submersion time while your kids are in the pool. The iSwimband is a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that syncs up with an iPhone to alert the adults when that little one has been underwater for too long. Company documents explain, “The gadget clips to goggles, swim caps, or can be worn with the included headband. There’s a wrist worn option too, so you can get pinged when the smallest of tikes (or a non-swimmer) accidentally enters the water.”

For $99, you can get the sensor, the headband, the bracelet and the mobile app.

You can’t put a price on what you will spend for safety. If you want to purchase an iSwimband, click here.

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