On The Street Where I Live

I have been living on the same street in NYC for almost 40 years. Here is a photo of what my window looks out on.

IMG_1032.JPGOnly in NYC can you find a hardware store, a Verizon store, a Subway sandwich shop, a UPS, a pizza joint, a nail salon, a cleaners, a Korean grocer, an Asian restaurant, a hair salon, a newspaper/magazine store, a wine store and a shoe repair shop on one block. This is all on the west side of Second Avenue between 61st St and 62nd St. Pretty amazing.

What’s even more amazing is that many of the shop owners know me by name. We have had a lifetime of experiences together. However, I now know that I have reached a new position in the community.

I was walking past the Verizon store today when one of the workers was standing outside in the doorway. A new three-person staff recently took over that location. Eliot was in there two weeks ago ordering a new iPhone 6 Plus for me. I haven’t been inside that store for over a year.

As I am walking past the Verizon store, I ask the worker standing outside, “When will the iPhone 6 Plus come in?” He looks at me closely and says, “Oh, I told your husband that I would call him as soon as the units arrived.”

How did this dude know Eliot was my husband? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. He put one older face, together with the other older face. My life just raced by me. This young sales guy was looking at an elderly lady, me. I might as well have been wearing a Greek mourning dress.

I was at least 40 years his senior. “Just called me grandma, kid.” He was probably wondering why I needed an iPhone 6 Plus. Do people my age use such an apparatus?

Then something miraculous happened. A strange car with a camera on top passed by. The kid said, “What was that?” “That, my dear, is one of thousands of Google vehicles that roam the earth taking a street view photo featured on Google Maps.”

Once again, technology breaks down the age barrier. We are all young in the world of digital.

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