Risky Business

If you are a Uber customer, or are thinking of becoming one, I strongly suggest you read their terms and conditions. CNET, a tech site, just wrote a story that spells out how Uber “absolves itself of any liability in cases of injury or accident and is not responsible for a driver’s actions.”

I was particularly drawn to the story because as you probably know, Eliot and I no longer own a car in NYC. We had every intention of using Uber for local trips. The service came highly recommended by family and friends.

It certainly is upsetting to read that Uber is not responsible for anything that happens to me. CNET actually quotes a lawyer who examined Uber’s written claims. He said, “You can be raped, you can be killed, you can be murdered, and it’s not their responsibility.”

Click here to read about the passenger who got hit over the head with a hammer by one of the Uber drivers.

This post is to encourage you to know your Uber rights. While Eliot and I haven’t used Uber yet, we absolutely plan to in several cities. We have been taking taxis in NYC for decades so we know the good, the bad, and the unpredictable, We just like being forewarned.

By the way, CNET, says that five year old Uber is growing rapidly. “It now has cars driving around 204 cities in 45 countries, and the company claims to cover 55 percent of the US population. It’s also the highest-valued venture-backed company in the world right now with a valuation of $18.2 billion.”

One thought on “Risky Business

  1. Thank you for providing this important information. I hadn’t checked into the fine print of Uber and now you’ve made the process not only much easier for me but made it simple to do. It ‘seems’ my vehicle insurance insures me no matter what vehicle I’m in but that’s small comfort with you giving up your NY car. I took my questions one step further and asked my health insurance company (once I passed through the terrible Medicare rules) and my secondary insurance of BC/BS (and I have a full pay policy through my federal career) will pay for injuries. However, having been in a severe vehicular injury in DC, I’m not thrilled about a mode of transportation wherein I might have injuries.
    After you’ve used Uber for a few months, would you by chance be interested in giving us an up-date on your adventures with this mode of operation. Thank you, Sheri

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