I Finally Have A Voice

The one thing I love to do, but I’m absolutely the worst at, is singing. I’m completely out-of-tune and sound like a frog. I was so bad in junior high school, Mr. Santos, the teacher in charge of the Glee Club, didn’t even trust me to lip sync. I was completely thrown out and asked not to return.

I held my head down in shame. My father was a terrific singer. He could have easily been in the music business. He would sing in our car during long drives and belt out a few songs while listening to the radio at home. I thought everyone sang like that until it was my turn. Family and friends used to fold in their ears. People don’t do that anymore. They just tell me to shut up.

I think my life just took a happier turn tonight when I watched Singtrix, the next generation in karaoke machines, being presented on the TV show Shark Tank. Even though the two owners of Singtrix, failed to raise any money, the product still has tremendous appeal to all hams like me.

Singtrix features hundreds of professional vocal effects, live backup harmonies, and natural pitch-correction. If I hit the on-mic effect button, my voice automatically is transformed into a 4-part vocal harmony super group. That is super awesome.

At $349.99, The Singtrix Studio allows me to sing along with YouTube or my existing music library. The Singtrix karaoke app is also a source for karaoke music. I can’t wait to get Singtrix, stand in front of a mirror, and become the star I always thought I was.



4 thoughts on “I Finally Have A Voice

  1. Yes! Mr. Santos. I was in the Glee Club too……And, Steve and I watched Shark Tank Friday night. I think of you whenever it is on. Love that show.

  2. They are running commercials on Apple Radio. I also saw the Shark Tank episode and thought the guys were jerks. But I did like the machine and all that it could do.

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