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I just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a client. I am asking friends and family to donate $5 or more in order to stimulate the donations. My request is totally legit. Kickstarter explained that if I get those closest to me to donate quickly, it will bring other money in. I will be happy to reimburse the money to you. Just let me know that you did it. We really need you to do it today or tomorrow. Just click on the link below. Thank you. Lois

Here is the press release I issued.

View the Dust.Evolution Kickstarter campaign here:

Dust.Evolution To Become Spectacular Video Game Via Kickstarter Campaign

Paolo Parente’s Ultimate Alternate History WWII Science Fiction Game Moves From Playing Boards To Game Screens

Video Games, TV and Podcaster Personality Veronica Belmont Named Special Advisor To Dust.Evolution Team

MIAMI, FL, November 4, 2014 – History is the past and science fiction the future, but now both will become one through the remarkable new fantasy video game Dust.Evolution, which is launching through Kickstarter. The new game is the exciting “evolution” of the popular board game Dust-Tactics, whose story and challenges will now be extended deep into the digital realm through the current Kickstarter campaign.

Dust.Evolution is the next elevation from the astonishing imagination of Paolo Parente, creator of the wildly popular World of Dust and Dust Comics. Starting from just a handful of tables covered with maps and miniatures, the Dust community has grown to thousands of players from all around the world. Dust tournaments are a frequent feature at international comic and gaming conventions, where the best and brightest strategic minds battle on game tables for global Dust dominance.

Until now, these Dust conflicts have been limited to players who can actually meet in person. Now, through the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, the engaging gameplay of the Dust tabletop expands as a video game to the digital Dust universe; thus allowing anyone, anywhere to play together. Dust.Evolution will now become a truly global gaming experience.

To realize this exciting, new vision of Dust.Evolution, Dust Studio’s Parente is collaborating with Shane Samole, the executive producer of the Dust.Evolution project. Shane, the founder and creator of Excalibur Electronics, is a 30-year veteran in the game business and his family is responsible for having launched the first ever commercially available electronic chess game. He has hired an all-star team of creative talent beginning with expert developer and project director Dale Leary, alongside Pixelwarps Studios founder, Ariel Mendoza. Together they represent over 40 years of digital production experience.

The stunning look and feel of Dust.Evolution will be an extension of the detailed look and feel by the Dust Studio Art Director and Master Painter of the Dust universe, Vincent Fontaine. The original Dust.Evolution thrilling score and soundtrack will be composed by none other than the award-winning composer Jesper Kyd. Millions of gamers know Master Composer Kyd’s work through such hit games as the Assassin’s Creed series, Hitman, the Borderlands series and the soundtrack for the recently released Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Industry Veteran video game, tech and TV personality Veronica Belmont has been named game consultant for Dust.Evolution. Veronica is a TV host, podcaster and well-known writer based out of San Francisco. As an event host and emcee, Veronica has worked with clients including Sony, IBM, Disney, Intel, Chevy, AOL and many more.

The Dust.Evolution Kickstarter campaign has set a funding goal of $650,000. The finished game will be first made available through the Steam platform for PC. If the project reaches its stretch goals, additional versions are planned for the Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 and other digital platforms.

Picking up where its successful board game predecessor left off, the upcoming Dust.Evolution is conceived as the ultimate alternative-history gaming experience. The scene is 1947, World War II hasn’t ended, and the world is in chaos, as three powerful global political factions vie for military supremacy. Players who lead these factions battle each other over a powerful new alien energy source that has been discovered near the South Pole.

View the Dust.Evolution Kickstarter campaign here:

Get updates and progress on the Dust.Evolution game and the World of Dust and at:

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