Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s That Looking Back At Me?

I taped this from my TV today. It doesn’t really demonstrate what I am talking about but I wanted you to see Bette.
Walter Winchell
Image from Britannica.com

When Bette Midler appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael today I felt like they treated her like a grandma. She was there to promote her 25th album, “It’s the Girls,” and they patronized her like any respectable grandchildren would do. “0h, you are so cute, grandma.”

Okay, call me paranoid but I feel that Kelly and Michael see Bette as a senior citizen while we (the DigiDame reader) see superstar. I don’t know why I am bringing this up. I guess I feel like our age group is rapidly becoming more about yesterday and less about today.

Here is my problem. As many of you know, I am working diligently to help a client raise funds on Kickstarter for a video game he wants to develop. I am a networker by nature, so I contacted a much younger friend who interned at HWH PR a number of years ago, and is working at Kickstarter.

Maybe he can help us with our campaign? I wanted him to tell us what we were doing right or wrong. The guy is brilliant and very personable. My hunch was right. He cut through the clutter immediately and connected us to all the right contacts who could guide us. I am forever grateful.

I love this guy, always have. I want to be relevant and important to his generation. Instead, I’m like Bette is to Kelly and Michael, an old reliable shoe. Read what he wrote to a colleague. I was copied on his email.

“Meet Lois. Lois runs a PR firm in NY where I interned many years ago. She’s an old school publicity maven and firebrand for her clients.”

Ugh!!! I’m an old school publicity maven? Excuse me while I put on my Walter Winchell hat with the little tag that says “press.” The truth is I can’t really get away from the way the world sees women my age. I can’t blame my friend. He’s conditioned. So is everyone else.

It doesn’t matter how hard I work, how much I accomplish, and what I do to stay fresh. The life lines on my face tell it the way it is. Hillary, on a much grander level, is going to face the same thing. It’s going to be very interesting to see how she handles it. Maybe, I still have a lot to learn.

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