Behind The Scenes Of Rosewater

I want to demystify the 2014 movie Rosewater for many of my readers. Eliot and I saw the drama, written and directed by Jon Stewart, a few nights ago. Ever since then, several of us have been speculating how the entire project came about and why Stewart got involved.

I did all of my research on YouTube and Wikipedia. If you watch the videos from top down, you will learn that the movie is based on the memoir, Then They Came for Me by Mazari Bahari. In 2009, the author was imprisoned in Iran because he reportedly misspoke on Stewart’s The Daily Show. The skit Bahari participated in was a joke, but the Iranian authorities took it very seriously. Bahari was tortured and detained in Iran for 118 days.

The movie details Bahari’s horrendous journey and how and why he was eventually released. In my opinion, Stewart did an amazing job capturing the Iranian state-of-affairs.

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