Smart Websites


I just want to remind everyone that we are very lucky to be at a stage in our lives when we can take advantage of so many websites that educational. <!Instead of having to be physically present at some facility, we can now engage in a wide variety of online courses right from the comfort of our homes.

I have written about a few of these online classes before, but now, Business Insider details 25 websites that teach us about stuff that we always wanted to know about, but never had the time for in the past.

Click here for the the full 25.

Coursera — More than 800 free courses on a wide range of topics.

Digital Photography School — Beginner to very sophisticated lessons. Also an active community of other photographers to connect with.

Duolingo — Learn new language skills with fun games. — Alternative classes like, The Science of Happiness to Responsible Innovation from the best universities.

Factsie—Historical and scientific facts.

Freerice — Expand your vocabulary with impressive words.

Lifehacker —Tips and tricks for getting things done.

MIT Open Courseware — Powersearching with Google — Learn how to find anything you ever wanted by mastering your Google search skills.

Quora — Get your questions answered by other smart people or read through the questions other people have asked,

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