A New Wearable Technology


I think I finally found a cure for losing my iPhone. A company named Bandolier makes a fashion accessory that is actually a super mini case to hold my iPhone. It’s perfect for me.

My iPhone will now be housed in a snazzy case with a shoulder strap that I will carry around my neck. Goodbye to the days when I just put my iPhone in my handbag, on a restaurant table, or my dresser. I tend to forget where I last placed it. Then I spend a few minutes, in full panic attack mode, frantically looking for it.

I want to avoid those awful moments of thinking that I lost the device that houses all of my information. It’s a terrible, hopeless feeling. Most of the time, my iPhone is in my handbag. It just a big black hole to me.

The new line of shoulder cases also feature two slots to accommodate credit cards and driver’s license. Check out the website. The cases are reasonably priced.

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