Communicating With Tonki

Larry, Lois, Eliot, and Sheri

My girlfriend Sheri has always loved her pets. She has gone from the largest of dogs that she can possibly get, an English Mastiff, to the smallest of small, a Pomeranian.


Size doesn’t matter to Sheri (ha, ha), she treats of all her pets like royalty. The latest one is Tonki, a Pomeranian. The sketch of the Pomeranian shown above is displayed on all of Sheri’s emails. For many years, Sheri never left home without Tonki. The baby dog slept in Sheri’s handbag at restaurants, the movies, at parties, during mani/pedis, and airplane rides.

It was never an option. Tonki went everywhere with Sheri. Most of the time, no one knew that Sheri’s handbag contained a pet. Tonki was so happy to be near Sheri that she never barked a word. It was pretty amazing.

That was the situation for many years. Now that Tonki is a much more mature dog, she is only comfortable at home. Sheri hates leaving her so she and her husband have a Drop-cam with audio on Tonki so they can watch her every move and occasionally talk to her if she needs calming down.

I recently found out about iCPooch.

iCPooch is a new way to keep in touch with your dog and relieve separation anxiety while your away from home. You can video chat and deliver a treat over the internet.
iCPooch holds pet treats that the owner can dispense remotely via the ‘drop cookie’ button in the corresponding app.

Pet’s tablet can be placed on the adjustable mount of the iCPooch unit. Retail is $149.00.

How nuts is this? Don’t ask a dog owner.

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