Eating Delancey


lois whitman - Eating Delancy1
I am singlehandedly trying to bring back the Charlotte Russe. Ever since I mentioned it in the much-publicized coffee table book, Eating Delancey, the Charlotte Russe is getting notoriety everywhere. The Staten Island bakery that still sells the dessert is running out of the tiny paper that the Charlotte Russe is stored in. How funny is that?

It started when co-author Aaron Rezny asked me to tell my story about the Jewish foods we ate when I was a kid. Most others wrote about eating matzoh ball soup, chopped liver, and bagels and lox. I happened to mention a Charlotte Russe, even though there is nothing Jewish about it. It was a favorite dessert to many at the time. I had no idea I would strike such a nerve. Everyone who reads the book gets giddy when they come across the Charlotte Russe.

Aaron and I are trying to get a social media spin for Eating Delancey in the upcoming weeks. We are going to use the Charlotte Russe as the hook.

If anyone wants to buy Eating Delancey, click here.

If you have any stories that can help our cause, please share.

Thank you

P.S. The handsome guy in the picture with me is my brother Steve.

2 thoughts on “Eating Delancey

  1. The interesting thing about Jewish food was the way it was related to the days of the week. In my household, Pot Roast (also known as brisket) was a Friday night meal. So was roast chicken but I choose to forget it. Chopped Liver was made on Friday to be eaten on Saturday since you weren’t allowed to cook on the Sabbath. Saturday night was often reserved for bagels and lox. The bagels were usually heated up in a small pot on the stove, never in a toaster. Sunday, my mother made fried lox, eggs and onions for breakfast. Sunday night was reserved for bringing in kosher deli, which included salami, corned beef, pastrami, tongue, brisket and rotisserie chicken, along with fresh sliced rye bread.. In addition, potato knishes (round) and stuffed derma would be included, depending on who went for the deli. If you came back from the deli without a good variety of sour and half-sour pickles, your were in big trouble. Also, they gave you paper tubes of mustard to go with the meat. If you didn’t have deli on Sunday nights, you went out for dinner, often to a Chinese restaurant.

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