Extra, Extra, Hear All About It


I always want to know exactly what is happening around me. I don’t like to find out that after I visit a particular city, one of my favorite singers was having a concert exactly at the same time in the same town. I feel the same way about art exhibits, book signings, and craft shows. I want to know my options.

A friend told me about Tagwhat, an app that could present me with information about nearby points of interest every place I go. I like that, if it works. I just downloaded Tagwhat and within seconds, I received alerts about nearby restaurants and bars.

Most of the information is being mined from social networks where business and events are always recorded. I was also told that I could point my iPhone with an open Tagwhat app at a retail store and I would pull information about it from the Web, Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare.

I plan to check this feature out tomorrow and report back. I am also supposed to be able to point the app at landmarks and get all kinds of interesting information about that as well.

I started to test the app out. This is what I got about two locations nearby.

Texas de Brazil – Miami Beach


Miami! Join us for a “Night with LEBLON Cachaça!” A full mixology class where you will learn the ins and outs of making the perfect cocktail. RSVP below now before the classes fill up!

Miami Beach: https://mbmix.eventbrite.com/
Miami FL: https://miamimix.eventbrite.com/

Government Cut


Government Cut is a manmade shipping channel between Miami Beach and Fisher Island, which allows better access to the Port of Miami in Miami, Florida. Before the cut was established, a single peninsula of dry land stretched from what is now Miami Beach to what is now Fisher Island, and boats destined for the port at the mouth of the Miami River had to pass around Cape Florida, to the south of Key Biscayne.

Opened in 1905, the cut across the peninsula that is now Miami Beach was authorized by the U.S. Government (hence the name), in order to provide a direct route from the Atlantic Ocean on the east to the seaport on Biscayne Bay to the west, without having to detour southward. The cut across the mangroves and beach at the southern end of the peninsula created Fisher Island, which except for the extreme northeast corner, is part of unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida. The now-famous South Beach is to the north of the cut.

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