A Bracelet That Stores Your Identity

Once again I am referring to my girlfriend Sheri when talking about a new development in the world of digital technology. We were at breakfast in Los Angeles almost two weeks ago, when Sheri admitted she can’t stand memorizing multiple passwords for all of her numerous digital activities. She doesn’t want to carry around a piece of paper with her passwords on it, nor does she want to post them electronically for fear that someone would hack her files.

There are a lot of people who feel the same way as Sheri. My brother Steve referred me to a recent article on the CNN website that highlighted a new digital bracelet that could be a great solution for Sheri. Bionym, a Toronto based company, has introduced a biometric biometric ECG (electrocardiogram) bracelet,
Nymi, that has an embedded electrocardiogram sensor that can identify you by recognizing your unique ECG pattern. The information is directly communicated to mobile devices as a replacement for passwords and PINs. Now that is totally cool.

If you visit the Bionym website, it instructs you to place Nymi onto your wrist to power it on. Next step requires you to place a finger on the sensor while your wrist is in contact with the bottom sensor to complete the electrical circuit. Now you are ready to be identified. Go for it!

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