The Next Generation Of Bras

IMG_1628.JPG Image: University of Wollongong

Big news for big-busted women. Good news for women with smaller breasts. Interesting news for women who don’t wear bras at all. A new type of bra is being developed in Australia that will expand and contract based on movement.

The Bionic Bra is the idea of professor Julie Steele, director of Breast Research Australia (BRA) at the University of Wollongong. Steele hopes to develop a bra that will not cause chronic pain in shoulders, neck, and the back. Many women, according to Steele, claim that their current bras are causing them great discomfort over time.

Steele said her smart bra “uses soft, intelligent fabric that sends a signal to the bra’s fibers. The fabric adjusts to fit the user, contracting and expanding as needed.”

She said the intelligent fabric can detect movement. The Bionic Bra fits one way while a woman is sitting down and more supportive when she gets up and starts moving around.

The Bionic Bra is in the prototype stage right now, but generating a lot of interest. Many newspapers and tech sites are giving it coverage. I guess that is because Steele is making great progress towards mass production. I will let you know as she gets closer.

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