Happy Chanukah, Etc


Happy Chanukah to all DigiDame readers.

Hat Check Girls, Go-Go Dancers and Now Wine Angels


This is the fancy schmancy tech entertainment feature many restaurants are installing today. It is called a “wine tower.” This is the first one I ever saw up close and personal. Cibo Wine Bar & Italian Restaurant , just down the street from my Miami condo, has one of the larger ones in the country but definitely not the tallest. Some of the “wine towers” in Vegas are several stories high.

Wine angels are the guardians of the restaurant’s wine collection, usually stored in a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall “wine tower.” They swing side to side, moving up and down — in a computer-controlled, motor-driven harness that the wine angel controls. Some of the controls are retrofitted video game joysticks.

This is definitely a James Bond experience.

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