A Big Gift In A Small Package




The silliest little things make me happy. My friends, Carlos and Nito, gave me what they described as just a “little something” for the holidays. Little did they know that their small- sized gift would be a big solution for my nightly challenge when I write my blog posts.

I usually start writing my blog on my iPhone. The research can take me a few hours. Many nights I’m in bed with all the lights out except for the shine of my iPhone. Then the unavoidable happens. I need to switch to my laptop to post a video or find a photo on my desktop.

I hate putting on my night table light because I’m afraid I will wake up Eliot. If I did, he would be annoyed that I was up so late. I usually go into another room with my laptop to finish my post.

Now my pals gave me a great solution, a USB laptop lamp. I plan to keep it plugged in all the time. It’s so cute but it has a big strong spotlight that allows me to see every letter on the keyboard. This is just going to make writing and posting so much easier.

This gadget may not cost a lot of money ($6.50) but it is a keeper.

Thanks, guys!

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