Subway Photos

A newspaper reporter from the New York Daily News told me that his publication received more photos of off-beat people in the subway than any other category. Most of the photos were submitted by the general public. Some of them are from other subway systems.

Apparently, straphangers always have their smartphones on hand to capture unusual looking folks. Spectators can’t help but snap these opportunities. If you Google “subway photos” or variations of these two words, you will see some remarkable characters.

Meanwhile my girlfriend Sheri got her hands on some of these photos and emailed them to me. I wanted to share them with you.
Eliot swears this is the same guy that jogs in our upper Eastside neighborhood. I don’t think so. It is possible that there are two of them ?

It’s one thing to look a bit strange, but this behavior is definitely inappropriate during rush hour..

While I wouldn’t want to sit next to this person, I do have to admire the handiwork.

It doesn’t matter if this is a man or a woman, I want those legs..

No child left behind.

Pole Dancers.

Definitely not PC.

The gal texting may be calling the white coats.

This passenger wanted to make sure he got a seat.

Once you get a seat, you never give it up,

A cousin to Big Bird

Get a room

Simple pleasures.

5 thoughts on “Subway Photos

  1. If I didn’t know the first guy with the bakelite bangles I would think these are made up! He comes to the flea market every Sunday in the summer dressed just like he is in the photo. He is not the same person that runs in our neighborhood. There are 2 of them!!!

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