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We admit it. We watch a lot of television. We also work full time, travel, go to movies and theater, read, visit friends and family, party, write a blog, shoot and process photos, participate in charitable causes, attend events, entertain, knit, shop, take long walks, dine out, and make daily calls to folks who are housebound for all kinds of reasons.

Yet, we have enough time to enjoy some of the best series on TV, or watch films at home that we didn’t see when they were first released. I often ask Eliot how we manage to do, what we do, and still have so much time to watch TV? I guess others spend countless hours cooking and cleaning.

We DVR everything. We have two DVR’s recording all the time. We rarely watch anything when it first aires. One of our best choices, exactly one year ago, was to buy two 60-inch Smart TVs for our viewing pleasure. It’s unbelievable how fast this year has gone. At least we thoroughly enjoyed many relaxing hours.

Several friends have asked me to recommend programs that we have enjoyed. The truth is that Eliot and I have enjoyed a long list of shows, including many from the BBC. If we have trouble understanding the accents, we turn on the closed-captioning. We learned this trick from my brother and sister-in-law.

Here is our list. We would truly appreciate you sharing yours as well.

The Americans-Amazon


The Fall-Netflix


Don Jon–practically porn–Netflix

Last Tango In Halifax–Netflix


Scott & Bailey–Amazon

The Affair–showtime


The Good Wife–CBS

House of Cards–Netflix

Orange Is The New Black–Netflix

Breaking Bad–Netflix

Happy Valley–Netflix


The Knick–Cinemax



Shameless –Showtime

Nurse Jackie–Showtime

Game Of Thrones–HBO

Diane Von Furstenberg-E


American Horror Story–FX

Mad Men–AMC


The Big C–Showtime


3 thoughts on “Home Entertainment

  1. Love your list- watched almost entire season 1 of enlightenment last night
    also to add
    The Grand
    House of Eliott (This may only be on you tube)
    Masters of sex
    Call the midwives
    The Bletchley circle

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