Beating The Traffic

The weather was always the topic people defaulted to when they had nothing left to say. Now it’s the traffic. I can’t believe how many friends of mine focus on the comings and goings of traffic.

It seems the older we get, the more we hate traffic. We just don’t have the patience for it anymore. Perhaps it’s because it is almost impossible to get around in more and more neighborhoods in the United States.

According to the folks at EcoReco, an electric scooter manufacturer, people are fed up. They are looking for ways to get around the traffic. Among the alternatives to consider are either staying home or, in this case, an electric scooter. EcoReco makes units that are geared for older adults who want something safe and sturdy.

I’m not saying that most people of my generation are going to start using electric scooters in great proportions. However, you will definitely start to see older, early adopters using them in 2015. As the price comes down, and more people get the hang of it, this method of transportation will become commonplace in our country.

The electric-powered EcoReco Scooter uses solid, aluminum construction and is designed to fold up. Its battery pack can undergo more than a 2,000 charge cycles.

At $999, it allows you to ride it like a regular kick scooter. You can get a 10 mile range and has a 2.5 hour charge time. The drive controls are in the handlebars and consist of a handbrake, accelerator lever, start button, and a round LCD. The LCD shows speed, battery charge, and an odometer.

It would be so great if many of us started to use an electric scooter. It might even help us recapture our youth for a little while. For those with brittle bones, please stay away.

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