Hotel My Phone

Happy New Year
Photo by Eliot Hess

Scene one: You wake up New Year’s Day with the biggest hangover. You have no idea where you are and where your cell phone is. You want to ask the guy lying next to you for his phone so you can call home. Then you realize you don’t want your family seeing a strange phone number. They will know instantly that you have been very naughty.

Scene two: You have been out shopping for the day. You visited at least a half a dozen stores. It’s time to go home so you decide to call Uber. You can’t find your cell. You look through all your bags but it is no where to be found. You are willing to ask a stranger to use his or her phone in order to call your husband. Then you realize he only answers his cell if he knows who’s calling.

Happy New Year!

A new app, called Hotel My Phone, has just been created so that you can borrow someone else’s phone but still keep the identity of your own cell. I learned about this new app from Walt Mossberg of Re/code.

That’s pretty awesome.

The app works by storing your phone number and contacts in the cloud. That makes them available when you log in on a borrowed phone. Mossberg said, The company says that your information is completely erased from the borrowed phone when you log out, and that the lender’s data is also protected.”

Watch the video. The technical stuff is explained in detail.

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