Auto Efficiency And Safety Device


I have always been a nervous automobile driver and a nervous passenger. I always feel like the car next to me is going to jump out of its lane and smash into my car. I have always been like this.

It drives (no pun intended) Eliot crazy. I’m always braced for the worst. There must be a lot of folks like me because Automatic Labs has a new “smart driving assistant” that helps you drive safer and more efficiently. Granted, it doesn’t actually prevent accidents but it certainly makes you more aware of road safety. The wireless adapter plugs into your car’s standard diagnostic port and connects to your iPhone or Android when you are driving. The video above shows you where the diagnostic port is located on many cars.

A companion app logs fuel efficiency, trip costs, and driving habits. If that’s not amazing enough, the device has audible alerts and teaches the driver about fuel efficiency.

Automatic keeps track of where you parked, provides a “check engine light” and alerts an emergency list of contacts in case of an accident.

The Automatic sells for $99.99.

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